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TMP Special Extinguisher


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The TMP Special Extinguisher is universal, intuitive and, above all, is quick and highly mobile in use. Depending on the equipment of the unit, personnel can carry an extinguisher in the specially developed thigh holster.
This enables the extinguisher to be deployed within seconds of a fire starting. In this case, the motto “fires that are extinguished early generally remain small, easily manageable and extinguishable” applies.

The extinguishing action of the spray accumulates in both extinguishing performance and speed, depending on how many sprays are used simultaneously. This is in contrast to many other fire extinguishers currently deployed by police.

Existing extinguishers are generally bulky, heavy and complicated to use, but most importantly, they are not available in sufficient numbers, and are therefore generally not where they are needed, in other words, on-site where a fire suddenly starts. These extinguishers have been developed especially for this purpose of application and are filled with a special extinguishing agent which has been designed especially for police requirements, tested and certified.
Moreover, 3A /13B extinguishing performance has been tested and certified by MPA Dresden.

The optionally available holster is variably adjustable for other spray can dimensions.

  • Small, convenient, universal and intuitive to use.
  • Certified, highly efficient special extinguishing agent.
  • Also optimally suited for extinguishing fires on individuals.
  • Mobile and can be deployed within a few seconds.
  • 1st place in Bavarian police test and recommended by the German fire service.
  • Low acquisition cost and completely maintenance free.
  • Completely non-toxic

Extinguishing spray 400 ml Type No. 1510605
Optional accessories: Belt and thigh holsters, wall and vehicle brackets.

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