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CheckGate MZ8 - MultiZone Walkthrough Metal Detector


radiogeno_checkgate-mz8_01.jpgAdvanced Technology for Enhanced Weapons Location
  • 8 True horizontal zones for accurate, automatic threat location
  • Eight zone and 100 sensitivity settings provide ultimate location and sensitivity
  • Computer optimized antennas, designed and built in the USA
  • True digital signal processing (DSP) and latest advanced electronics for greatest reliability and immunity from screens and electronic interferences
  • 100 fully adjustable program settings to customize threat level conditions
  • Harmless to film, tapes, discs, electronic media
  • Exceptional discrimination of the smallest, thinnest weapons
Technical Specifications
Weapons location is made simple with this multizone model. The CheckGate MZ8 assists security personnel in the detection and location of metal weapons and contraband. With its unique design, the MZ8 contains eight separate horizontal zones. When a person walks through the unit's portal, the MZ8's vertical zone L.E.D. lightbar provides a visual indication of where possible metal targets are concealed within the eight dedicated horizontal zones. Individual zone adjustments reduce false alarms on personal items such as pocket items like keys and coins, belt buckles, shoes and jewelry, providing maximum detection and maximum reliability. With extremely low false alarm rates, the MZ8 offers the highest throughput traffic flow.

Advanced architecture high-speed digital signal processor controlled circuitry with non-volatile, non-erasable memory, LCD display, large LED bargraph meter, bi-directional software with selectable vertical LED zone indicators and audio/visual alarm.

Reinforced robust architectural plastic housing secures the multi-field antennas and vertical zone detection and traffic control LED lighting.
  • Standard Color: Grey Granite
  • Custom housing construction available for color and appearance.
  • 90 – 265 (<1 Amp)
  • 50 – 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
  • Temperature:-10C° to 55C°
  • Humidity: 0–98%, non-condensing
  • DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT (Standard Configuration)
  • Overall Loop Housing: 87"H x 24"D x 35"W
  • Passage Clearance: 79.5"H x 28"W
  • Weight: Less than 140 lbs. (64 kg)
Performs in accordance to the TSA enhanced metal detection target standards. Meets and exceeds NIJ standard 0601.00 level 1-5, ICAO, FCC and F.A.A. Airport Security Regulations.

  • Individual zone sensitivity adjustment ranges from 0 – 99 from global baseline setting for all 8 zones.
  • Metal cancellation effects between ferrous and non-ferrous metals are minimized through both antenna and software design.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) circuitry eliminates spikes, noise, and two-way radio interference.
  • Bright, large LED indicators for power and individual 8-zone vertical alarm status column.
  • Reliability from 70 years of U.S. walk-through metal weapons detection systems design, manufacture and service.
One year factory warranty standard. Lifetime warranty on housing.
Longer warranties available.

Easy to use. The password is entered using the console-mounted keypad, allowing the user to change the operational settings. Self-prompting instructions are provided for all selections. With its exact sequence operational menus, CheckGate MZ8 is the industry’s easiest unit to operate and set-up, with the greatest immunity to interferences.

  • 24" and Custom Widths
  • Traffic Counter
  • Battery Backup
  • Remote Annunciator Panel
  • Matching Key Side TableCE Marking
  • Custom Color Finishes 14.7"W x 23.3"D x 38"H / 37cm W x 59cm D x 96cm H
  • Extended Warranty
  • Floor Anchor Kit
  • Second Light
  • Wheels
  • HandWand
New, matching Key Table and award winning HandWand available!
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