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Roadblade Vehicle Arresting System


vehicle_arrestingThe RoadBlade system consists of a wired or wireless control unit and sets of sharp blades which are normally positioned swung down flush with the road surface. When it is necessary to deny access to a threat vehicle, the blades are electrically actuated to a vertical position ready to puncture the vehicle’s tyres. The system can be used either as a permanently located deterrent, or it can be issued for temporary deployment.
Tested to 50,000kg (110,231 lb)
The permanent system fitting flush with the road is barely noticeable. The portable system simply acts as a sleeping policemen when deactivated.

  • Easy and quick to deploy.
  • Activated by wire or remote control.
  • Works forwards or backwards.
  • Double rows of opposing spikes
  • Will disable a vehicle regardless of approach

17 - 4 PH stainless steel
7 cm high, 10 cm wide (2.8 in, 4 in)


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