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Diverse novità e in diversi settori che distribuiamo in esclusiva per l’Italia !

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Scorpion Protection Shields


scorpion09Ease of Stacking
A key feature of the Scorpion Shield range is it has been designed to address the problems frequently encountered in the storage and transportation of Personal Protective Equipment.

Locking Handles
Unlike other shields on the market, the handles on the Scorpion range fold flat using a unique locking mechanism, so that valuable vehicle space can be utilised more effectively. The user is able to lock and unlock the handles in seconds, providing an effective barrier when confronted with a wide variety of situations.

This saves the user time and effort in situations where effective shielding, combined with speedy action often means the difference between protection or injury.

scorpion10SCORPION SOLO SHIELDS Impact Protection
An absorption protective gap of at least 20mm has been built in between the tough Makrolon® Polycarbonate shield and the handle, this enables the shield to absorb a greater degree of impact before reaching the handles.

Made transparent from Makrolon® Polycarbonate the shields offer superior protection and greatly improved vision for officers looking through the shields.
Another key feature of our Highguard range is they can be interlocked in an overhead position for protection from an overhead attack situation (shown left).
scorpion12 scorpion13

A specially designed friction linkage system joins the shields together to form a continuous barrier. This combines with our revolutionary webbing straps which link together mechanically whilst still allowing easy, straight forward operation.
scorpion14 scorpion15


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