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Riot Control - changing the paradigm


riot-control01In democratic countries, riots put very important societal values at risk. As proven over the last few years, demonstrations can turn in to violent riots quickly and unexpectedly.
An event such as a summit of world leaders is expected to draw thousands of protestors.
Troublemakers are often mixed with peaceful protestors, with the aim of turning Peaceful demonstrations into riots. In such cases, the objectives of the local police forces are to protect the meeting and its participants, and to defend public and private property from being damaged. At the same time, the police or the military must be very cautious neither to interfere with the integrity of the protesters and their rights to free speech, nor to unnecessarily provoke potential troublemakers to cause further harm.

New Generation of Rioters

riot-control02Modern Rioters have extensive knowledge of current crowd control tactics and riot police forces Modus-Operandi. Information regarding police tactics and advice on how to deal with riot control agents is easily accessible to all.
Different elements use the internet as a knowledge transfer platform, publishing “How to” guides and “Riot survival “Training Manuals.
Mobile phones and internet are also put into use during the initial stages of a riot as trouble makers are becoming increasingly organized and confrontational. Rioters come to riots prepped for a confrontation; some actually train as “affinity groups” before riots. They come equipped with, goggles, face covers or even gas masks. And are anticipating police use of riot control tactics as part of the confrontation.

The Escalation of Force Dilemma

When dealing with riot situations, local police force objectives are to reach compliance while minimizing harm to civilians, police forces and public property. Current environment makes it increasingly hard to maintain the fine line between Insufficient Use of Force Vs. Excessive Use of Force. Often, available tactics and Non-lethal devices do not provide police force with enough tools to walk this fine line.


Confrontational rioters are trained and prepared to deal with police force tactics, leading to confrontations that result in injuries and property damages, fueling the already high tensions. A Tear-Gas grenade thrown back at the police force, apart from causing injuries and raising frustrations within the force, also renders the use of tear-gas ineffective. This forces police to, reluctantly, increase the use of force.

In order to sustain “Balanced Force” and reach compliance while maintaining optimal balance between Public and police force safety, There is a need to update riot control measurements. The use of ammunition specially designed to deal with the new challenges of crowd control, yet maintaining Non-Lethal characteristics, can help modern police forces achieve their riot control objectives.

New generation on Non-Lethal ammunition

Multi effect ammunitions – the use of Multi effect ammunitions helps avoid unnecessary force augmentation. Multi effect ammunition allows police forces to deliver a gradual effect step-up in terms of force used, while still maintaining non lethal characteristics.

Surprise effect features - these features can be a loud blast, spinning grenades and the use of paint or sticky gel, cause individuals to snap out of “Mob Mentality” state of mind and reduces their will for confrontation. It also prevents Trouble makers or “Mod leaders” from taking control over.

Counter Throwback (“boomerang effect”) features - Counter throwback features, are important in order to achieve the double goal of keeping police forces safe and Reducing the need for increase use of force due to throwback incidents.
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