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TMP-MVB - Modular Vehicle Barrier


A quick and light weight portable vehicle Barrier Unique design and capabilities!

Specially designed for Armed-Forces, Anti-Terror units, Police & more!



The TMP-MVB is a physical, light-weight barrier and therefore fully portable. Its unique design enables transferring the horizontal momentum of a ramming vehicle upwards or downwards until fully stopping its movement.
The advantages of this barrier are:

  • Quick assembly for immediate threats
  • High impact capabilities
  • Flexible length for any size of vehicle route
  • Non lethal system
  • Easy & efficient storage
  • No maintenance

Quick assembly:
The barrier consists of elements which are light to carry.
Physical barrier in minutes without using assembly tools, to create a block against immediate threats of ramming vehicles in unknown locations.
High impact:

Its special and unique design has high impact capabilities that transfer the vehicle's horizontal momentum vertically to the extent of fully stopping the vehicle within a relatively short range.

Flexible length:
Independent separate units can be composed into any length desired, blocking any size of vehicle route.

Wheel protection:

The unique process (patented) of momentum transfer is efficient for vehicles regardless of their wheel protection. This allows efficient barrier solution even against protected vehicles.

tmp-mvb08Easy storage:
Foldable units that can be easily stored, saving space and enabling easy access for future use.

Low maintenance costs:
Once folded and stored, no special maintenance is required allowing an economic long-term solution.

Features: Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (single unit) -length -100 cm (40"), width – 8 cm (3"), height - 70 cm (27").
  • Weight (single unit) - 20Kg (44lb).tmp-mvb09
  • Provides a solution against farm tractors due to the geometric locking mechanism.
  • Safety lighting and signs.
  • Assembly/Dismantle instructions manual.


  • Anchoring devices.
  • Specially suited carry-on bags.
  • Fixed Complete Lane + wheels

TMP-MVB – Preliminary Test report of the foldable model

General information:
The test was conducted on deserted air field in the central of Israel on the 9th August 2004.

Aims of the test were to see the reaction of the foldable TMP-MVB model in collusion with medium (2.5 ton) vehicle in medium speed (70 km / h).


Truck of 2.5 tons at a speed of 75 km/h was colliding with one stopping line of two combined lines of foldable TMP-MVB (approximately 25 cm gap from one unit to the other)

Schematic drawing of the stopping line:

Picture of the MVB stopping line:

Test result:
The car was collided with the TMP-MVB stopping line and as a result, the front of the car "jumped" in to the air. The stopping line was lock between the two axles of the car and the car was finely stopped 3 meters away with the rear axle on the TMP-MVB line. When the car was removed, all the TMP-MVB units were okay and could be used again.

The van colliding into the TMP-MVB line.

Original stopping line and "steel
fingers" marks on asphalt
Van in the stopping position

tmp-mvb03 tmp-mvb04
tmp-mvb05 tmp-mvb06
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