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Fox Sleeping System


Comfortable, compact and versatile.

A modular range of sleeping/shelter products that can be combined or used independently.
This superbly designed system was developed in conjunction with military experts.

1. Fox Jungle Mosquito Netfox-sleeping01
A rugged, insecticide impregnated, close weave polyester mosquito net. The net is clipped to fabric loops underneath the basha and via elasticated hooks underneath the hammock. This shapes the net, pulling the mesh walls away from the body and prevents the net from sagging and allowing insects to enter.
Colour: Olive green
Weight: 390g (13.8oz)
order code: TMP-T433

2. Fox Jungle Hammock
A generously sized, parachute grade, ripstop-nylon
Extremely hard wearing and comfortable it provides protection against the elements and biting insects.
Colour: Olive green
Weight: 620g (22oz)
order code: TMP-T430

3. Fox Lightweight Basha
A lightweight, robust shelter sheet forming the third element of the Fox Sleeping System.
Features a fully tape-seamed hem and reinforced, “anti-gutter” suspension
  • Compact & lightweight
  • PU Coated Ripstop Nylon
  • Woodland camo print
  • 16 x suspension points
  • NATO approved
  • 2 x mosquito net suspension points
  • Weight: 700g (24.6oz)

order codes:

  • TMP-T047 DPMfox-sleeping04
  • TMP-T047G Olive green
Complete Fox System 3 in 1
The complete system includes Hammock, Mosquito Net and Basha.
  • Total weight: 1810g (64oz)
order code: TMP-T434


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