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Modular Combat Sleeping System (MCSS)


A complete 3 - in -1 integrated systemmcss01

Consisting of two sleeping bags and one liner that can all be combined or used independently.
Hence giving you complete adaptability to your environment.

The smaller inner bag fi ts inside the larger warmer outer bag.
The hygienic liner ties inside either bag.

For its performance, this MCSS system is the most compact and lightweight synthetic sleeping system available today.

Each MCSS comprises of:
  • Outer Sleeping Bag
  • Inner sleeping bagmcss02
  • Polycotton liner
  • Large compression sack (for the complete system)
  • Smaller compression sack (for one bag only)
Can be used with any of our Bivi bags, which improves the comfortable operating temperature by a further -8º C (-17.6º F)

*Excluding stuff sac and liner.
** Test report Hohenstein Institute No. 02.4.4605
*** Standard size is for people up to 6 feet (183 cm) tall.
Large is for people over 6 feet (183 cm) tall.

As a comparison the British in-service Arctic sleeping bag in the same test gave a comfort rating of - 6°C and extreme rating of -16°C.

Features of both MCSS bags system are:mcss05
The key to the MCSS outstanding performance.
An easy break open 2 way zip in case you have to get out of it fast.
Experience has shown that the trapezial cut provides the ultimate foot space. In anormal sleeping position, the feet do not poke the insulation outward so that cold spots are avoided.
The tapered foot section reduces weight, stuff size and there is less internal volume to keep warm.
Two G-LOFT insulation layers are arranged so that quilting is offset. The shell is attached afterwards, creating a further layer of air between the quilted insulation and shell. With no stitch perforations in the shell, it is relatively water and airtight.
The polyamide outer shell is a super-light, strong, highly breathable, material which is so tightly woven it makes it extremely water resitant.

1. MCSS outer bag.
It is by it`s self is the most popular and best-selling all-round military sleeping bag in the world today.mcss04
It has excellent weight and stuff size to performance ratio. Proven to be 100% reliable in cold nights both in the wilderness and in snow caves.
A protection flap on the outer side of the zipper keeps out wind and wet. There is a generous draft tube on the inside of the zipper to prevent heat loss at the zipper.

2. MCSS inner bag.
Light-weight sleeping bag with an extremely small packing size and minimal weight.mcss06
It`s remarkable features is its vapour permeability which is very important for hot and humid tropical nights.
The hood is equipped with a mosquito net which can be folded out of the flap if required.

3. Polycotton Liner
A hard wearing poly cotton sleeping bag liner.mcss07
Can be attached inside either MCSS bags or used independently in hot climates.
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

The inner bag has a 2 way easy break open zip, which extends all down one side and across the foot.
This allows the bag to be opened up to form a duvet for warmer climates or for sleeping in camp.
It also allows two inner bags to be zipped together so allowing two people to get in in case of hypothermia etc.
Supplied with removable inner boot-liner.

What is G-Loft Insulation?

The key to the MCCS fantastic thermal performance to bulk and weight ratio is the G-Loft insulation. G-Loft is a micro-filament fi bre which has the following features which are unique when combined.

Molecular spiral crimp
The G-LOFT fiber is a bicomponent fiber (dual density) which is spun from 2 different sorts of raw esters. One half of the fiber has higher shrinking properties after the spinning process. In this way a 3 dimensional permanent spring like crimp is achieved. This increases the loft, improves the bags recovery after it has been compressed and gives the fi bers maximum resilience to long term compression.

Premium Hollow Fiber
The fiber has a micrometer wide hallow running all the way through it. Since air is a bad conduction, the fiber has the same effect as a thermos flask, where the warmth is insulated by an air chamber.

Unique Cluster Formation
The G-LOFT fibers are distributed and bonded to each other totally at random. This makes the G-LOFT insulation resilient, springy and soft.
The fibers clump within this insulation forming so-called clusters. In this way the air forms a pillow and increases the insulation capabilities, similar to a high quality down filling.

The finest fibers

The weight of the individual fibers is much less, allowing more fibers per gram. The G-LOFT fiber is lighter than conventional fiber sand keeps you warm and dry. Each filament is silicon coated creating a softer feel.
Perfect Personal Climate control
Due to the unique structure of G-LOFT-climate-hollow-fibers humidity can escape. Warm air however is trapped.
The G-LOFT-fibers themselves do not absorb moisture, providing the perfect personal climate control.

Maximum Compression
The G-LOFT-fiber offers a matchless compressibility. It guarantees an optimal heat capacity over pack size ratio due to its light weight.
The molecular level crimp structure ensures immediate optimal loft, even after longer periods of compression.

Each MCSS bag contains a breathable aluminum scrim, Thermoflect, which refl ects the bodies radient heat. This improves the Iinsulation of the bags for very little extra weight or bulk.It increases the heat retention of a sleeping bag around 11 %.
Thermoflect is an ultra-light, ultra-soft, breathable scrim with the unique ability to reflect body-heat.


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