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Flat mate - Versatile waterproof, non-absorbant, fold flat sleeping mat


Manufactured from high quality closed cell foam.flat-mate01
Finished with a non-slip sealed surface for ease of cleaning.
The Flat Mate stores inside the rucksac and provides a comfortable protective pad for the spine.

Strong and robust
Flat mate has fantastic insulating properties.
Flat mate can be used as a Sit Mat when folded.
Can be used in a number of combinations for sleeping.

Size Fully open 1800 mm x 560 mm x 5 mm
(71 in x 22 in x 0.19 in)

Size Closed 365 mm x 280 mm x 45mmflat-mate02
(14 in x 11 in x 1.6 in)

Weight 370 g
(12.5 oz)

Colour Olive drab
Code: TMP-T650


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