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I risultati di un rapporto sulle minacce per l’Italia evidenziano l’intensità delle minacce informatiche a cui devono far fronte le aziende del nos [...]
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M17 Medical Trauma Pack


medicalM17This current issue nylon bag is used by combat trained medics and is supplied filled with over 200 items. Measures 33 x 33 x 25.4 cm (13”x13”x10”) and has backpack and hand carry straps and is securely closed by four adjustable straps.
The bag rolls open to reveal its’ contents contained within one of its six individual interior pockets within its 3-fold design. There is also one exterior pocket that is secured by a Velcro flap.

Complete kit weighs approx. 5.57 Kilos

Contents include: Same as M3 and also;

Hand Sanitizer, Arm Splint, Neck Support, Cast Padding, Gauze Bandages, Elastic Bandages, Latex Tubing, Petroleum Gauzes, Stethoscope, EMT Shears, Hemostat, Tweezers, Probe, Scalpel and Blade, Pill-back Tool Flashlight, Thermometer, Surgi pads, Latex Tubing, Muslin Bandages, Antimicrobial Wpes, Ammonia Inhalants, CPR Mask. and more.

Code: TMP-GKT02


Complete kit weighs approx. 5.57 Kilos


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