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Compact M3 Medical Trauma Pack


medicalM3This tri-fold olive nylon bag is used by combat trained medics. It is supplied with over 125 items.
Measures 24.1 x 15.2 x 17.8 cm (9.5”x 6” x7”) closed.

Contents include:
Assorted Bandage Strips, First Aid Instructions, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cast Plaster, Cotton, Field Dressing, Assorted Gauze Bandages, Sterile Pad, Eye Pad,  Elastoband Strips, Sutures, Analgesic Tablets, Soap,Stop-cock, ape, Cream,Betadine,  Gloves, Ice Pack EMT Shears, Safety Pins, Irrigation Syringes, 14G-2 Syringe w/needle, Triple Antibiotic, Alcohol Wipes, Antiseptic Wipes, Clean Wipes, Lubricating Jelly and more.

Code: TMP-064


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