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Laser Target Pointer - Model TMP-03-01


This system (model TMP-03-01) is a Laser Target Pointer (LTP) emitting an infrared laser beam that projects a dot onto the target. The projected dot is not visible to the naked eye and suitable night vision equipment is required in order to detect the dot and the target. This type of laser pointer is intended for night use and for operations where maximum discretion is required, such as counterterrorism, hostage rescue and covert operations. The target pointer may be mounted on various weapons using mounting brackets and adaptors.

Optical parameters
Beam shape Dot
Beam divergence, mRad 0.3 (max)
Wavelength, nm 785+40/–15 or 810+20/–10
Radiation mode continuous

Power output
HI mode, mW at least 15
LO mode, mW 1.0–2.5

Boresight adgustment
Travel range, mRad at least 40 (in elevation and deflection)
Increment size, mRad 0.5 (discrete increments – clicks)

Electrical parameters
Power requirement, V from 1.2 to 3.8 at 20ºC ±2ºC
Power source single “AA” type battery – 1.5, 3.0, or 3.6V
Continuous work, hrs 6
Physical parameters
Maximum range, m 800
Sensor required any GEN I, II, II+ or GEN III Night Vision Device
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 90 x 35 x 57
Weight, g (without mounting fixture) 250

Environmental parameters
Operation, ºC –20 … +52
Storage, ºC –30 … +71
Waterproof, meter deep up to 1

TMP-03-01 complete set
• Laser Target Designator • Carrying case • Remote cable • Operator’s
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