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Sniper’s Fire-Controlled Riflescope 10 x 50


Model TMP-15-52
  • Compact, lightweight fire control system for snipers' rifles, grenade and rocket launchers
  • Enhances the effectiveness of snipers' weapons and missile launchers of various types
  • Fitted with azimuth and elevation adjustment knobs allowing the sniper to align the optical axes of the telescope with the axes of the weapon barrel and compensate for side wind and target travel
  • Incorporates a single-pulse laser rangefinder operating in an eye-safe spectral range (invisible to night vision devices), a sniper's telescope and a fire control computer
  • Measures distance by pressing a pushbutton on a soft cable. The cable may be installed practically anywhere on the weapon, to ensure maximum convenience and minimum interference
  • Automatically calculates the elevation angle according to the ranged target lead, which it introduces as an illuminated ballistic dot into the sight's field of view
  • Withstands all possible environmental conditions as well as the shocks and vibrations caused by the operation of the host weapon
  • Temperature, humidity, weapon elevation and axial angle sensors for ballistic calculations (optional)
  • Built-in CCD camera and video output for training, command and control purposes
  • Magnification x10
  • Lens diameter, mm 50
  • Field of view 2.5º
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm 4
  • Eye reliefe, mm 75
  • Transmission, % 50
  • Resolution, arc sec 6
  • Click value, MOA 0.25
Laser rangefinder
  • Minimal range, m 80
  • Maximum range, m 2 000
  • Emission wavelength , μm 1.54
  • Ranging accuracy, m ±10
  • Sensitivity, dB 17
  • Energy output, mJ 1.8
  • Measuring repetition rate, pulses/min 6
  • Short measuring repetition rate, pulses/sec 0.5/3 pulses
  • Extinction ratio 23
  • Eye-safety category Class 1
Mechanical data
  • Dimensions (maximum) L x W x H, mm 390 x 120 x 70
  • Weight (without batteries), kg 2.5
Completing units
  • Manual
  • Optics cleaning set
  • Case
  • Battery pack