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Mission Planning System SDK


Powered by OL3 Technology
“The new paradigm in 3D MPS development”

…Mission Planning System SDK
“We provide the main tools to make a Mission Planning System based on an interactive and realtime 3D visualization system. Facility tools will be provided “all in one” to integrate in every scenarios of virtual reality many types of entity and contents”

Powered by OL3 Technology,
“one of the most comprehensive solutions to the modern real-time graphics application development…”

“Add 3D to your 2D MPS”

  • Powerful and extremely “user-friendly” API
  • Concrete, “All in One” support for MPS developers
  • 3D procedural realtime approach for scenario creation
  • High performance, shader-based, realtime rendering
  • Standard GIS/3D main formats support

Advantages to use 3D MPS
“Pilot: Simplify your life!”

  • Extremely reduced planning time
  • Maximize the comprehension about the Environment and the Mission
  • Significant improvement into Debriefing stage
  • Advanced support to management of big amount of data in real-time
  • Method to provide scenario data is very similar to natural human perception of reality
  • Real-time enhanced tridimensional preview of current scenario status
  • Immediate feedback into 3D view of changes introduced by the user in 2D view
  • Effective time-reduction of specific trajectory and collision computations

Terrain Layer
“Once upon a time there was Google Earth…”

Complete DTM support:

  • Earth Representation basedon several Datum (e.g. WGS84)
  • Elevation Management
  • Multi Aerial / Satellite Images Management
  • Dynamic/Runtime creation/destruction of terrain
  • 3D RealTime Terrain visualization and Exploration
  • AsyncronousTerrain Rendering
  • Shader-Based RT Rendering

Vector Layer
“From 2D data towards 3D Scenario…”

Advanced Vector Data support including:

  • Linear To Polygonal Transformation
  • Projection of 2D data on 3D terrain
  • Triangulation of closed 2D profile
  • Mapping 2D points with 3D models
  • 3D volumes generation by extrusion of 2D

3D Layer
“The art of georeferencing…”

  • Georeferencing each model
  • Auto vertical positioning on current level of detailed terrain
  • Single 3D model as well as large/complex area model support
  • Parametric models support (e.g. for plants, buildings, etc…)

Information Layer
“Beyond the reality…”

  • Advanced Labels
  • Billboarding Images
  • Info Volumes
  • Way point path

Advanced Volumes Layer
“Let’s go towards the deep…”

Creation and Testing of:

  • Shadow Volumes
  • Skylined Volumes
  • Visibility Volumes
  • Radar Coverage Volumes

Advanced Features
“Let’s go towards the deep…part 2”

  • Parametric Collision Detection System
  • Animation Support for Briefing/Debriefing Implementation
  • Ephemeris Support for correct positioning of Earth, Sun, Moon
  • Meteo/Ocenographic Info Support for Dynamic Info Management

Special Features
“Speed and Visual quality”

  • Automatic Level Of Detail Managament
  • FX for Ocean / Atmosphere / Volumetric Clouds & Fog

Development Tools
“When it’s possible to not reinvent the hot water…”

  • Scenario 3D Builder
  • Advanced ReTiler
  • OL3 Tools (e.g. Exporters, Editor)
  • Developer Support (e.g. Reference Guide, Tutorials, Source Code Application, Samples, User Guide)

Supported Formats
“Standardization…What’s passion!”

  • ESRI SDE (only by client ESRI ArcSDE)
  • Map Info (MIF)
  • Erdas Image (IMG)
  • TIFF / Geotiff DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) L0, L1, L2 Supported
  • S-57 - Hydrographic vector products
  • ESRI Shape Files
  • ADRG (Arc Digitised Raster Graphics)
  • CADRG (Compressed Arc Digitised Raster Graphics)
  • NITF Solo NITF 1.1, NITF 2.0 and NITF 2.1 (uncompressed/jpg compressed)
  • RIK supported 1,2,3 but only with 8 bits per pixel
  • 3D Digital Data (ARC/INFO GRIDASCII)
  • 3DS / OBJ / DWG / DXF / SGF

System Requirements

OL3/MPS Libraries & Tools

  • CPU 2.0Ghz
  • RAM 2GB
  • 3D Accelerator – Any graphicsboardsupporting OpenGL 2.0 / DirectX 9.0c with 256Mb Video Memory
  • HD 200GB of available disk space
  • Operating Systems (*): Windows XP/Vista/VxWorks/Linux (Ubuntu / WindRiver Linux distribution tested)


  • CPU 3.0Ghz
  • RAM 4GB
  • 3D Accelerator – Any graphics board supporting OpenGL 2.0 / DirectX 9.0c with 512Mb Video Memory
  • HD 500GB of available disk space
  • Operating Systems (*): Windows XP/Vista/VxWorks/ Linux (Ubuntu / WindRiver Linux distribution tested)

(*) OL3/MPS Tools run under Windows operating systems only