Saturday, 05 December 2020
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Monday, 04 February 2019

Diverse novità e in diversi settori che distribuiamo in esclusiva per l’Italia !


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Digital audio/video recorder with 8,2” monitor



  • Input:
    • Video mixed Standard (1Vpp 75 Ω)
    • RS-232 for the planning and recording
    • Audio
  • Output:
    • Video mixed Standard (1Vpp 75 Ω)
    • Audio
    • USB for the connection to the PC as external hard drive (max. 150Gb)
  • Alimentation: 12 V interior by battery polymeric lithium rechargeable which allows a standing of 2 hours of continue working. Possibility of external alimentation..
  • Types of files recorded:
    • .MOV (Quicktime) with FAT 32 formatting of hard drive;
    • .FFV (File Proprietary)
  • Management software: gives the opportunity to chose different types of files compression.
  • Compressed Kit of cables (video, USB, RS-232), power supply
Color, High Resolution, Video

Eye Cam Fits Easily on New Lens Body Replacement Part.

Eye Cam is attached and Adjusted Securely with Simple Thumbscrew.

Eye Cam is Fixed Focus (Calibrated to be IN-FOCUS with Lens Diopter Set at ZERO)

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