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T-iViewer HD


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T-iV HD – Handheld thermal imager

Leading the field is the new High Definition Thermal Imaging Viewer (T-iVHD). Weighing only 1.7Kg complete with battery, the T-iVHD will enable you to recognise a man at 1000m. This world leading performance moves the T-iV family into a new league... more than rivalling the recognition range performance of cooled units. As with the other members of the T-iV family, the unit is fully automatic and, unlike most other units, requires no operator intervention if it needs to recalibrate. Its unrivalled resolution (640x480 pixels) is 400% higher than comparable US imagers and 300% higher than any other uncooled handheld imager from Europe today.
In addition, the sophisticated image processing hardware/software provides pin sharp images automatically.

The advanced T-iVHD features:

  • Unrivalled resolution (640x480 pixels)
  • Instant On - image in under 3 seconds
  • Man Detection at 2000m
  • Man recognition at 1000m
  • 6 to 8 Hours Operation
  • Automatic operation (focus required)
  • Instant (0.4 sec) automatic calibration and re-calibration
  • Lightweight , approximately 1.7Kg
  • Remote Control facility
  • Electronic Focus & Zoom
  • No eyepiece adjustments required
  • 400% Higher resolution than US imagers

To simplify your logistics, the unit uses standard commercially available Camcorder batteries that will recharge in approximately 4 hours thus ensuring that two batteries will provide you with surveillance capability... 24/7.
For further information of accessories for the T-iV family, click on the accessories tab above.


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