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Photon Fire Camera


Why Helmet Mounted...
Thermal imaging cameras give you back what you need most to perform their task - sight. However, hand held cameras restrict your ability to undertake even the most basic tasks like using an axe to obtain entry or rescue a victim...

The PHOTON Handsfree gives you the best of both worlds...

VISION & FREEDOM of movement.



With the PHOTON Handsfree you can:

  • Climb ladders and stairs
  • Carry victims to safety
  • Use tools effectively
  • Handle the hose
  • Clear obstacles

What's more, because your hands are free, you can use your standard, tried and tested, operating procedures without compromise.

Compatible with most fire helmets is common use throughout Europe, The PHOTON Handsfree is a lightweight yet robust helmet mounted thermal imager and advanced display that gives you everything you need to perform your task quickly, efficiently and with the minimum risk.

Designed and tested to withstand the rigors of firefighting the unit is available with all the features and facilities you demand, including:

  • Temperature Measurement
  • Colour
  • Video Transmission

Photon Fire Camera, ergonomic thermal imager for fire fighting and security surveillance.

The PHOTON imager is easier to handle than any other miniature camera.
The ergonomic binocular design enhances usability in any situation. The PHOTON provides thermal imaging view for:

  • fire fighting
  • security / police operations
  • rescue and search

  • Handheld thermal imager
  • Weight: 650g incl. batteries
  • High temp, resistant Polyurethan body
  • Microbolometer (Asi)
  • Temperature sensitivity 0,1 °C
  • IP 67
  • One button operation
  • Battery life: 240 min
  • Battery type: 4 AA alkaline dry batteries
  • Battery control: scale bar in LCD

Camera with fire protection hood

  • Binocular video displaying
  • Viewing field, 60° diagonal
  • Focus: 1 m to infinity
  • 25mm optic for wide distance (optional)
  • Temperature measurement (optional)
  • Neck belt
  • Vehicle mountable

System components:

  • 25mm optic for wide distance focusing (optional)
  • 2,4 Ghz Video transmission and receiving kit *
  • Vehicle mounting unit *

* Plug and play with current model

 Technical specification

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