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Mini TIU2 - Thermal Surveillance Camera


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ini TIU2 is a compact thermal-imaging camera designed for use in 24-hour surveillance systems where detection is essential.

Mini Tiu2 requires no light and is a CCTV detection system without parallel for day & night performance.
Available in 3 models, wide, mid and narrow, Mini TIU2 represents a breakthrough in CCTV. Mini TIU can be installed as part of a new or existing CCTV system and is compatible with all ancillary equipment including receivers, multiplexers and pan and tilt systems.
At a cost unheard of before now it is possible to install a high tech solution to the problem of true day night surveillance.



  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Customs
  • Border Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Portable Crowd Surveillance
  • Outdoor Event Security
  • Diplomatic and VIP Security
  • Port/Harbour Security


Focal plane array- Amorphous Silicon Bolometer 160 x 120 pixels
Output resolution - 768 x 574 pixels
Spectral response - 7-14 microns
Thermal sensitivity - 0.02 degrees centigrade
Start up time - 2.4 sec
Contrast/brightness - automatic
Detection Range - 25mm lens 475m
Angle of view - 11° horizontal; 8° vertical
Detection Range - 16mm lens 305m
Angle of view - 17° horizontal; 12° vertical
Detection Range - 8.5mm lens 175m
Angle of view - 32° horizontal; 24° vertical
Video output - PAL (NTSC on request)
Input voltage - 12Vdc
Consumption - 1.2 w

Physical Characteristics
Mini TIU2 is housed in an environmental housing designed for external use. It can fit directly to a pan and tilt unit and requires simple cabling directly or via a telemetry receiver.

Size - 235mm L x 60mm W x 77 H

Mini TIU2 is directly compatible with new and existing CCTV equipment and is fitted with black hot/white hot option and will fit directly to most pan & tilt units.

Ordering information
588-500/p Mini TIU2 8.5 8.5mm focal length PAL
588-502/p Mini TIU2 16 16mm focal length PAL
588-501/p Mini TIU2 25 25mm focal length PAL
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