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Enhanced Thermal Sighting System


High Sensitivity and Resolution - the target detection, recognition and identification ranges are the highest possible to enable you to engage the target at operationally effective ranges. The unit, in its 384x288 pixel form, is 44% higher in performance than comparable US units.

No Calibration Required - the unique 'shutterless' design means that you never need to calibrate the unit ensuring that you never lose your vision... not even for a millisecond. In addition the advanced signal processing ensures that you never have the 'white out' condition characteristic of other microbolometer based imagers... regardless of how many rounds you fire.
Instant On - the eTSS switches on in just one second... regardless of the ambient temperature... ensuring that it is always ready for action when you need it.

Flexible Configuration - with three lens options and a choice of 384x288 or 640x480 pixels, the modular design of the eTSS enables it to be configured precisely to your operational needs.

Additional Capability - the eTSS is compatible with a semi-integrated eye-safe Laser Designator module enabling you to detect and designate a target. Later in the year a rangefinder option will also be available.
Long Operating Duration - the eTSS will operating for 6 hours on standard commercially available AA batteries. What's more, all of the batteries are inserted into the unit in the same orientation ensuring that, even in the dark, you can change batteries with confidence.

Auto Covert — a unique sensor detects when the display is being viewed and only switches on the display when you actually need to see an image. This function prolongs battery life and prevents stray light from the display being detected by your enemy.

Easy To Operate - as you might expect, the eTSS is designed to be simple and easy to use... a single button push operates all key functions. However, the unit also incorporates a wide range of additional functions, all available via a sophisticated, but simple to navigate, menu structure.

The eTSS is designed to comply with military standards and may be fitted to Mil-Std 1913 rails, or similar, by
means of a mounting adapter.

Tempestini Group is confident that the new eTSS will outperform competitive units and will provide you with an unrivalled
performance and capability that will make your mission safer and more efficient.