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RF-7800B-DU024 Land Portable BGAN Terminal


Falcon III Field Hardware
Reliable, rugged, networked solutions for wideband BLOS SATCOM-On-The-Move



RF-7800B-DU024 Land Portable BGAN Terminal
The RF-7800B-DU024 is a land portable, Class 2 BGAN terminal. Small in size, it is meant for SATCOM-on the-Quick-Halt (SOQH) at the dismount level, or fixed site applications. The antenna is manually pointed towards the satellite to establish connection with the Inmarsat network. The user can use either an audible setting that provides steering tones that indicate signal strength, or the embedded web-based Man-Machine Interface (MMI) to view signal strength. Once active, Inmarsat provides data rates of up to 432 kpbs. The RF 7800B-DU024 is designed and tested to meet the MIL-STD-810F military standard for rugged environmental requirements and is intended for use in harsh environments. The RF-7800B-DU024 provides a web based interface for configuration and control of the terminal for standalone operation.