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Pan&Tilt, motorised – Driveman


The Driveman combines high speed, high accuracy performance within a robust and durable platform to support single or multiple sensor payloads. It has been designed to address the requirements of prime contractors and end users who need to support and accurately control the line of sight of sensor payloads using a remotely located control device.
The Driveman is fully self-contained, requiring only the application of appropriate external DC power and serial command data via a single connector mounted on the casing to operate and orientate.
Typical payloads include thermal imagers, day / night cameras and combination EO sensor systems.
The Driveman has been designed to provide a level of performance that complements the use of such devices in a wide range of applications and environments.
The Driveman is suitable for fixed and vehicle-based installations, as well as temporary deployment, mounted on a suitable tripod.
The Driveman is an environmentally sealed, robust assembly providing fully independent motion in both axes.
Independent digital servo-control systems are implemented in software for controlling each axis of motion. The platform receives commands and transmits system status and position via a standard serial data link.
The innovative design of the servomotor drive unit ensure that its position in azimuth and elevation is maintained when power is off or when at idle. Safety cut-out circuitry reduces the risk of damage if any axis becomes obstructed or unintentionally immobilised.
A range of payload interfaces are available depending on application including quick release mechanisms for easy mounting and dismounting of payloads.
Mechanical components are designed and dimensioned to ISO metric units. External components are manufactured from suitably specified plastics, aluminium alloy and low magnetic corrosion resistant steel.
Selected exterior surfaces are additionally paint finished.


The above figures are provisional ratings and assume typical applications. Actual performance will depend on many parameters, including payload size, configuration and environmental conditions.


3.1 Mechanical interface
For Driveman configuration 00-1210-9003, refer to DOL 00-1210-9003.

3.2 Communication Interface
The platform is controlled by means of a serial communications link complying with TIA/EIA RS-422-B.
For Driveman configuration 00-1210-9003, refer to SCP 00-0002-0001 (Available on request).

3.3 Electrical Interface
For Driveman configuration 00-1210-9003 the electrical interface is defined below.

3.3.1 Connector
Driveman - D38999/20WD35PN
Cable - D38999/26WD35SN with appropriate backshell and boot.

3.3.2 Input Connector Pin-Out Detail

3.3.3 Power Supply
The motorised platform operates from a power input that is in within the range +28Vdc +/-4Vdc. For rated performances a +28Vdc supply is recommended. Depending on payload, installation and environmental conditions, the motorised platform will draw a momentary surge current from the connected power supply when accelerating from rest or slow speed. With this in mind the installer should select power supplies capable of coping with a momentary surge current.

The following accessory items are available:
Starter kit
Consisting of a dedicated power and communication cable plus a basic software controller application.
Driveman Tripod adapters
A mechanical adapter to facilitate mounting of a Driveman unit to a tripod.

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