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Pan&Tilt, Motorised, Lightweight – Hornet


The Hornet lightweight motorised pan and tilt head has been designed to provide users with the capability to remotely control and position the line of sight of mounted electro optical sensor payloads with a high level of accuracy. The Hornet is ideally suited to a wide range of surveillance, security and industrial operational scenarios where the use of a hand held sensor is impractical or dangerous to the user.
The Hornet has been designed in conjunction with the new Thor digital goniometer and shares some common features such as tripod mounting and payload quick release interfaces. As with the Thor, the Hornet is specifically designed to be tripod mounted for use by dismounted personnel in temporary or portable surveillance applications. A circular level bubble, which can be illuminated for night time use, is provided as an aid to the initial levelling of the installation.
The high accuracy Hornet exhibits a low-magnetic signature and is available in two configurations, one providing remote line of sight control and featuring encoders in both azimuth and elevation for accurate position reporting and one providing remote line of sight control only. All versions feature an innovative anti-backlash and wear compensation mechanism and friction clutch in each axis to maintain accuracy and to prevent damage to motor/gear system due to excess loading. The Hornet is environmentally sealed and features a single circular connector for power input and data communication. Control of the Hornet is facilitated using a standard serial data link.

The backlash free Hornet is ideal for security and surveillance tasks on the move where a high degree of mobility is required. Typical uses include tripod-mounted observation, perimeter surveillance plus a broad range of other surveillance, security and industrial applications. When used with a lightweight tripod such as the TriLite the robust non magnetic construction and versatility of the Hornet makes it an ideal choice for use with payloads that require stable support and precise rapid alignment.
Mechanical components are designed and dimensioned to ISO metric units. External components are manufactured from suitably specified plastics, aluminium alloy and low magnetic corrosion resistant steel.
Castings are of appropriate quality for their application. Aluminium parts are black anodised and stainless steel parts are black oxide finished. Selected exterior surfaces are additionally paint finished.



3.1 Mechanical interface
For Hornet configuration 00-1199-9002, refer to DOL 00-1199-9002 (Available on request).
For Hornet configuration 00-1199-9003, refer to DOL 00-1199-9003 (Available on request).

3.2 Communication Interface
The platform is controlled by means of a serial communications link complying with TIA/EIA RS-422-B.
For Hornet configurations 00-1199-9002 and 9003, refer to SCP 00-1199-0001 (Available on request).

3.3 Electrical Interface
For Hornet configurations 00-1199-9002 and 9003 the electrical interface is defined below.

3.3.1 Connector

  • Hornet - HES.3F.330.XLDP 30-way Male LEMO.
  • Cable - FGS.3F.330.YLM 30-way Female LEMO with appropriate backshell and boot.

3.3.2 Input connector pin out detail

3.3.3 Power Supply
For Hornet configurations 00-1199-9002 and 9003 refer to the outline specification.
The HORNET platform shall operate to specification when power from a supply conditioned to the requirements of MIL-STD-1275B, with the exception of the initial engagement surge when nominal operation may be interrupted. During this, or any other disturbance outside prescribed limits, the platform shall not react in an unpredictable manner.

3.4 Tmp 422 communications nomenclature
The following diagram shows the definitive terminology to describe the interconnections between our equipment and third party equipment.

RS422 Interconnection
Terminology Diagram


  • Generic interface adaptor
  • Custom adapter assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Controllers
  • Control applications
  • Carry bag
  • Matching lightweight tripods

Tempestini Group specialised in producing custom or application specific adapters for our full range of products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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