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Hand Held Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder


- Model TMP-09-01
TMP-09-01 Rangefinder is a multifunctional handheld device that incorporates a monocular day optical telescope, an eyesafe laser rangefinder, a digital compass and a GPS receiver.
TMP-09-01 Rangefinder was designed and built as a compact unit for infantry units and special operations forces. Night observation and ranging are possible with the add-on night vision converter.
  • Long range measurement
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-resolution optics
  • Built-in digital compass and GPS
  • Instantaneous single-pulse measurement
  • RS232 serial interface and remote ranging
  • Class 1 eye safe device
  • Connection to external GPS
  • Data presentation on a digital display in the eyepiece
  • Sealed unit
  • Night vision with add-on converter
  • Tank battery power supply option using a special cable
  • Powered by commercially available AA batteries
  • Conforms to military standards
  • Special ferrumless tripod with goniometrical head
  • In serial production
Laser rangefinder
Wavelength 1.54 m
Eye-safety category Class 1 IEC 825-1 2001-08
Ranges 80–20,000 m (depends on target and visibility)
Range to target 2.3x2.3 m, 10% reflectivity @ standard visibility 23.5 km 7.5 km
Range to target 2.3x2.3 m, 30% reflectivity @ standard visibility 23.5 km 9.5 km
Range Accuracy ±5 m
Lasing rate 6 ppm, burst 20 ppm
Ranging logic First/ Last
Target discrimination 30 mtmp-0901-rangefinder02

Optical sight
Sight Type Monocular
Sight FOV 5.6º
Sight Magnification x8
Sight Resolution on axis 6 arc sec

Compass (optional)
Azimuth accuracy 0.5º
Elevation accuracy 0.4º
Elevation range ±40º

GPS (optional)
Horizontal 9 m (90%)
Altitude 14 m (90%)

Operating voltage (external) 9–32V (with special cable)
Batteries 8 AA type

Dimensions, (L x W x H) 182 x 175 x 82 mm
Weight (without batteries) 1.7 kg

Operating temperature –32ºC/+55ºC
Storage temperature –40ºC /+71ºC

Complete set
LRF, Lanyard, Cleaning kit, Operator’s manual, One set of 8 AA batteries, Carrying case