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TMP-S5000 - Long range optical surveillance system



The TMP-S5000 Long Range Surveillance System is a proven multi-role electro-optical surveillance systems that is ideal for:-

  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal & Marine Surveillance
  • Covert Intelligence Gathering
  • Missile and Test Ranges
  • Extreme Imaging

The precision Electro-Optics of the TMP-S5000 coupled with sensitive camera technology enables the system to detect, and identify activities at extreme distances. The system has a detection range of more than 25Km and is able to Identify targets at more than 5Km. The TMP-S5000 camera is integrated with a precision built director head allowing precise location of targets. The TMP-S5000 system is computer controlled and fully networkable. A Context Camera is integrated with the main camera allowing the system to move smoothly from initial detection to high resolution identification. Camera targeting is achieved with the use of a the highest quality precision director head. Once on target, positions can be memorized, and easily and accurately returned to by ithe director head’s inbuilt precision positional resolvers.

The TMP-S5000’s Electro Optical sensor consists of a fully field proven 600 – 4800 mm
6 stepped zoom Cassegrain lens. The camera housing incorporates an optically flat front window essential for long range targetting. The lens and camera assembly is encapsulated in a rugged housing, combining excellent military standard EMC qualities with a high level of environmental protection

The cameras can be factory configured with daytime colour, or low light monochrome sensors. Alternatively the TMP-S5000 can be fitted with a unique field proven camera change-over mechanisms, providing the ultimate solution for all light conditions. Dependant upon the ultimate application the TMP-S5000 can also utilise the latest high performance mega pixel sensors.
The performance of the low light sensors can be improved by the use of optional high power laser illuminators The platform performance can be further extended to include thermal cameras, offering zero light all weather operation.

The cameras can be integrated into an existing control room’s command and control
systems. We can alternatively provide a scalable command and control system, able to control any number of cameras over a local or remote Ethernet network.system.


  • Observing activity in excess of 25,000 m
  • Making identifications beyond 5,000 m
  • Colour day plus enhanced night vision
  • Context camera for ease of use
  • Accurate repeatable positioning
  • Mission proven lens


  • Optimised vision
  • Day & low light vision
  • Instantaneous operation
  • Low through life costs
  • Near IR sensitive

Type Sealed, dry nitrogen purged pressurised to 5 PSI
Size 300mm Dia. 1400 mm Long
Weight 75 Kg
Material Aluminium
Optical Window AR and ITO coating flat to 4 fringes
Options Wiper
Washer Assembly
Active Pixels (H x V) 765 x 582

System Type Maksutov Cassegrain
Aperture 2000 mm
Focal Length 6 discrete positions 450, 760, 1290, 2200,
3100, 4,000 mm
Field of View (Wide) 0.83 ° x 0.62 ° (1/2” Sensor)
Field of View (Narrow) 0.9 ° x 0.67 ° (1/2” Sensor)
Focus Range 75 m to infinity
Focus Mod Automatic focus tracking with stepped zoom
Filters Clear
Hot Mirror 400 nM to 625 nM
Cut Off Filter cut off at 610/630/645/665 nM

Type Colour to Monochrome
Low-light changeover
Colour Camera 1/3” interline transfer
Effective Pixels PAL 752 x 582
NTSC 768 X 492
Horizontal Resolution > 450 TVL
S/N Ratio > 50 dB
Low Light Mono 1/2 “ Impactron Interline
Transfer Peltier Cooled
Effective Pixels PAL 658 x 495
NTSC 658 X 495
Min Illumination < 1 Lux

Monochrome 1/2 “ or 1/3” format
Colour Camera 1/2 “ or 1/3” format
Internal Context Camera Fixed Field of View
External Context Camera Field of View 2.8 ° to 48 °