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TMP-S1500 - Long range optical surveillance system



The TMP‐S1500 is an electro ‐ optical sensor proven on operations with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) as a Long Range Surveillance Sensor and is ideal for:‐

  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal & Marine Surveillance
  • Man Portable Covert Intelligence Gathering
  • Missile and Test Ranges

The TMP‐S1500 is a high performance long range surveillance system. It provides the observer with the capability to read a vehicle number plate at ranges in excess of 2.4km, to recognize a known face at in excess of 1km and to observe human activity at greater than 8km. The TMP‐S1500 is suitable for operation in remote, exposed situations including coastal environments. The system can be man portable or mounted on towers located at vantage points providing commanding fields of regard.

The TMP‐S1500 is fitted with a continuous zoom lens with a focal length from 12.5 ‐ 750mm, plus a switchable optical 2x extender. This gives the system an effective focal length of 1500mm. This type of lens has excellent light gathering capability throughout its focal length making it an excellent choice for long range, low light surveillance. The lens and camera assembly is encapsulated in a rugged housing, combining excellent military standard EMC qualities with a high level of environmental protection. The front sacrificial glass is optically flat to 1/4 μ @ 750nm. The sensor housing incorporates a wiper unit.

The cameras can be factory configured with daytime colour, or low light monochrome sensors. Alternatively the
TMP‐S5000 can be fitted with a unique field proven camera change‐over mechanisms, providing the ultimate solution for all light conditions. Dependant upon the ultimate application the LRS 1500 can also utilise the latest high performance mega pixel sensors. The performance of the low light sensors can be improved by the use of optional high power laser illuminators The platform performance can be further extended to include thermal cameras, offering zero light all weather operation.

The TMP‐S1500 can be integrated into an existing command and control systems.


  • Observing activity in excess of 8000 m
  • Making identifications beyond 1000 m
  • Colour day plus enhanced night vision
  • Accurate repeatable positioning
  • Mission proven lens


  • Optimised vision
  • Day & low light vision
  • Instantaneous operation
  • Low through life costs
  • Near IR sensitive

Type Aluminium with Goretex filter
Size 59mm x 67 mm x 122 mm long
Weight 10.7 Kg
Material Aluminium
Optical Window AR and ITO coating
Options Wiper
Washer Assembly

System Type Refractive
Aperture f 3.8 at 12.5 mm F15 at 1500mm
Focal Length 12.5 mm to 750 mm (60x) 25 mm to 1500mm with extender
Field of View: (Wide) 21.68° HFOV (1/3rd inch ccd)
Field of View. (Tele) 0.18° HFOV (1.3rd inch ccd)
Focus Range 5 m to infinity
Focus Mode. Automatic focus tracking with continuous zoom.