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Detect, identify, and track all drones flying in the buffer zone near your site's airspace.

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Micro Danos - Day&Night Observation System


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- 3 Sensor Systems:
  • Thermal Camera
  • Day Colour Camera
  • Night Vision II Camera

- Rapid Deployable Man Portable and lightweight
- Housed inside Ruggedised Airportable Box

Micro DANOS is a high performance, low cost, man portable, very rapid deployment surveillance platform for short and medium range applications in field and urban situations.
It gives the user state of the art technology in the longwave thermal infra-red band for man detection in total darkness up to 475 metres, full image intensified night vision camera technology for identification and number plate reading and high resolution colour video for day operation at a price level compatible with even the smallest budgets.

System Features

Micro DANOS is a 3 camera 24/7 rapid deployment short/medium range surveillance system designed to give high performance at an exceptionally low cost.

The camera head unit comprises a state of the art uncooled Thermal camera for detection in the darkest of situations combined with an Image Intensified camera for identification at night and a colour CCD camera for day use, all with fixed focal length lenses giving a similar 12½º nominal field of view.

Its three sensors, Thermal, II and colour, are each selected by the operator from a simple, user friendly control box
which also controls the Thermal black hot/white hot selection and which features a failsafe protection in the case of unintentional activation of the II camera. The complete head unit is mounted on a quick-release professional quality manual pan/tilt head on a robust lightweight tripod.

Live video output is composite PAL which can be displayed on any compatible CCTV monitor and power is 12V DC from a 220/240v mains power supply provided. As options a rugged LCD monitor and rechargeable 12V battery pack can be supplied for total system autonomy.

The complete installation is supplied in a fitted compartmented hermetic transport case, tripod separately.


Thermal Camera

Mini TIU2 25 in special IP67 housing
25mm F1.0 fixed focal length lens
160 x 120 pixel amorphous silicon uncooled microbolometer staring array
Output resolution 768 x 574 pixels
Spectral range 7-14 microns
Thermal sensitivity 0.02 degrees centigrade
Composite PAL video output
Detection range up to 475m
Black/White hot function
Automatic contrast/brightness

Image Intensified Camera

Gen 2+ Image Intensifier tube 36 line pairs resolution
(higher resolutions an option)
570 TVL resolution monochrome camera
1/2 inch CCD detector
50mm F1.4 fixed focal length manual iris/focus lens
Composite PAL video output
In special IP67 housing

Colour Camera

480 TVL resolution
1/3 inch CCD detector
High resolution 25mm F1.4 fixed focal length manual
iris/focus lens
Composite PAL video output
In special IP67 housing

Ordering information

825403 Micro Danos


  • Rugged watetproof LCD TFT 6.4” monitor
  • Rechargeable 12v battery pack
  • Power connection to vehicle 12v cigarette lighter socket
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