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M88 Green Liquid Prismatic Compass (Degrees Model)


Key Features

  • Lightweight and rugged aluminium alloy construction
  • Prism sighting system for highest accuracy
  • Liquid filled for rapid sighting.
  • Full day/night use - 5 tritium lights
  • Precision sapphire bearing
  • Full MILSPEC build quality
  • In service worldwide
  • NSN: 6605 99 500 3822


The M-88 Liquid Prismatic Compass is built to the same exacting standards as the M-73, but is made largely from aluminium alloy making it very lightweight.

Five self-luminous tritium light sources enable full night and daylight operation.  The dial assembly is mounted in a liquid filled sealed capsule designed to allow the full servicing of the compass to sub-assembly level.

Extensive environmental testing and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the M-88 can operate with precision in the most difficult climatic conditions.

The green M88 compass with its green padded protective pouch comes complete with full instructions.

Other colours are available to special order and minimum quantities may apply.