Wednesday, 02 December 2020
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Wednesday, 13 February 2019
I risultati di un rapporto sulle minacce per l’Italia evidenziano l’intensità delle minacce informatiche a cui devono far fronte le aziende del nos [...]

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Add-On Eye system for binoculars


Color High Resolution Video

Add-On Eye Cam fits easily on new lens body replacement part.
Add-On Eye Cam is attached and adjsuted securely with simple thumbscrew.
Add-On Eye Cam is fixed focus (calibrated to be IN-FOCUS with Lens Diopter Set at ZERO).

Digital audio/video recorder with 8,2” monitor

  • Input:
    • Video mixed Standard (1Vpp 75 Ω)
    • RS-232 for the planning and recording
    • Audio
  • Output:
    • Video mixed Standard (1Vpp 75 Ω)
    • Audio
    • USB for the connection to the PC as external hard drive (max. 150Gb)
  • Alimentation: 12 V interior by battery polymeric lithium rechargeable which allows a standing of 2 hours of continue working. Possibility of external alimentation..
  • Types of files recorded:
    • .MOV (Quicktime) with FAT 32 formatting of hard drive;
    • .FFV (File Proprietary)
  • Management software: gives the opportunity to chose different types of files compression.
  • Compressed Kit of cables (video, USB, RS-232), power supply

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