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Military binoculars


Throughout this time binoculars have been supplied to armed forces worldwide, resulting in  a  committed  long-term supplier/customer  relationship based  upon  a  comprehensive through-life-cycle  support.  This success has been achieved by  supplying a product with superb fully coated optics and  prisms for the brightest possible image and a wide, clear field of view, housed in a precision-cast, finely machined, ultra-light anodised alloy body.
All  the  binoculars  have  robust rubber  armouring  to  protect against the hardest environmental conditions,  are  filled  with  dry nitrogen to prevent fogging and are protected by objective lens and eyepiece covers against dirt.
Naturally, all binoculars are totally immersion proof and have  large exit  pupils  for  superb  low  light usage. Classic style models have individual  eyepiece  focussing whereas  compact  and  ultra compact  models  have  centre focus. Foldback rubber or pop-up eyecups are standard for ease of use  by  wearers  of  spectacles, sunglasses  or  goggles.  Each binocular  is  supplied  with  a comfortable wide fabric neck strap and in a case with neck strap.

Technical Specifications


Fitted as standard is a precise, clear reticle/graticule calibrated vertically and horizontally in 5 Mil divisions for accurate range finding.  The 7x50RC model also contains an in-built liquid filled compass calibrated in degrees, the bearing being displayed clearly in the field of view at all times.
Available to special order (minimum quantities may apply):

  • 7x35R and 16x35R models.
  • In-built laser protection filters are available for all models in ISK-167 laser protection specification.
  • Green colour in place of black for both binoculars and cases.
  • Soft pouches including DPM fabric in place of hard or DPM fabric in place of soft black cases.
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