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Laser Collimator


We are pleased to announce an extension to their range of small arms zeroing collimators with the development of the laser collimator.
In out-of-country, covert and peace keeping missions live firing is frequently impossible. Lack of resources to check the alignment of weapon sighting systems quickly and often means that the operational advantages of mounting laser aimers on small arms can be easily compromised. With the introduction of the laser collimator, night fighting forces can now be quipped with a simple, cost effective device which gives them the ability to zero and check the zero of their lasers in the field without the need to fire their weapons at anytime day or night. Based on the same successful design concept as the small arms collimator the laser collimator gives your front line night fighting force total confidence in their advanced sighting systems.

Alignment of the laser pointer is easily achieved by adjusting it to align with the centre of the collimator reticle, the laser light spot being viewed through the night vision goggles while this adjustment is being made. The entire process is completed in seconds.

The unit is passive and requires no power source for its operation. Designed for front line use and built to exacting military standards, the unit consists of a one-piece rigid aluminium casting with a fixed spigot. As users cannot alter settings, the laser collimator requires no calibration prior to use.

Laser collimators are available for all small arms from 5.56 to 12.7mm calibres equipped with any type of invisible laser aimer and are pre-set during manufacture to the zeroing range specified by the customer to give zeroing accuracies and repeatability to within ±0.25mil (±2.5cm at 100 metres).
The availability of the laser collimator ensures your investment in advanced night fighting equipment delivers real operational advantages in the field in terms of speed of deployment of forces, increases in hit probability and soldier confidence.

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