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Riot Gun Collimator


Heckler &.Koch L104A1 37mm Baton Gun collimator.

  • Rugged cast aluminium body
  • Immersion proof
  • Nitrogen purged optics
  • Pre-set zero position on graticule for 20 metres
  • Usable for both iron and optical sights
  • Allows zeroing to personal zero positions
  • No adjustments nor maintenance needed

Supplied in black padded fabric pouch with full pictorial waterproof user instructions.

The SAC provides a high degree of confidence in the weapon system and ensures that when the weapon is used, it will be effective and accurately zeroed.
The design concept provides dedicated SACs tuned to the exact operational requirements of the client. Each collimator is factory calibrated to the operational zeroing range and ballistic characteristics of the users ammunition.
The single piece, rigid aluminium casting with sealed and purged optics, allows users to zero their weapons, without the need for live firing and to check or re-gain zero in a matter of seconds any time any place.Simply insert the collimator into the barrel of the weapon and align the sight with the markings on the SAC graticule to either a common zero position or, where known, to a personal zero position.
As SACs are not adjustable and have no moving parts, they will give an accurate and repeatable result every time - straight out of the bag!
The rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free and reliable service, requiring no maintenance and with very low through life cost.
Many armed and police forces around the the world now use Francis Barker SACs as their standard operational procedures for small arms zeroing.

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