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Small Arms Collimator



This remarkab ly simple, robust and effecti ve device gives all users the ability to zero, check zero or re-zero their weapons in the field with no live firing , improves operational capability and optimises the use of training resources.
The range of Franci s Barker Small Arms Collimators is the product of years of experience with defence and security forces the world over. The unique, fully proven design allows all weapon users to maintain complete operational readiness when deployed, prov iding all personnel with total confidence in their weapon systems.

The Requirement
In out -of-country, covert and peace-keeping missions, live firing is often impossible . The lack of resources to check the alignment of weapon sighting systems quick ly and regularly, means that the operat ional advantages of putt ing sights on weapons can easily be lost.
The increasing use of rapid deployment forces and increasing legal framework in which soldiers now op erate mean s that systems are needed to allow the user to zero , ch eck zero and validate the weapon and its sighting systems at any time and in any place.

The Solution
The design concept provides dedicated SAC's tuned to the exact operational requirements of the client. Each collimator is facto ry calibrated to the operat ional zeroing range and ballistic characteristics of the users ammunit ion . Every collimator is supplied with the unique confidence checker ensuring that the user knows the SAC is cor rect before use.
The single piece, rigid aluminium casting , sealed and purged optics and spring fixed spigot, allows users to zero their weapons, without the need for live firing.

Ease of Use
Simply insert the co llimator into the barrel of the weapon and align the sight with the markings on the SAC graticule to either a common zero pos ition or, where known, to a person al zero position,
As SAC's are not adjustable and have no moving parts, they will give an acc urate and repeatable result everytime - straight out of the bag !
The rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free and reliable service, requiring litt le maintenance with very low through life cost .

Deployment Quantities
Individual organisations define thei r own needs but typic ally SAC's are deployed on the bas is of :

  • 1 per section or squad for front line infantry
  • 1 per sniper pair
  • 1 per support weapon
  • 1 per weapon type per Armed Respon se Vehicle
  • Armou rers
  • Weapon repair facilities
  • HQ units

Operational Scenarios
Many armed and police forces around the world now use SAC in their standard operational procedures:

  • For checking alignment befo re any weapon user goes out on pat rol
  • Before live firing on a range
  • On peace keeping missions
  • For special forces
  • For rapid intervention teams
  • On guard posts
  • For secure military compounds in civi l secu rity operations
  • For front line infantry units
  • On operations requiring the changing of sights e.g. from day to night fighting roles

The SAC provides a high degree of confidence in the weapon system and ensures that when the weapon is used, it will be effective.


  • Sights can be zeroed in the field to an accuracy and repeatability of 0.25mil ( 25mm in 1OOm / 1 inch in 100 yards ) in less than a minute , without needing speci alist personnel or resources
  • Cost effecti ve, rapid, accurate and safe zeroing of all small arms, by day or night , without the need for live firing
  • Capability to zero and check zero sights any time, any place with no live firing
  • Big increases in soldi ers' confidence in their weapons and their shooting ability
  • Increases in hit probability of over 200% compared to conventional zeroing techniques
  • Reduced need for firing range and time/personnel/travel and ammunition costs
  • Copy personal zero to other weapons
  • Unique self check ing system
  • Weapons delivered to front line units already zeroed
  • Increased weapon life , reduced maintenance costs

User Configurations
All asp ects of the SAC are user definable. Manufac tu red to full military specifications, they are passive and they require no power source for the ir operation. Supplied complete with instructions, a pouch offering suitable protectio n and a confidence checker. An optional Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) or battery powered light source is available for full night time use with image inten sifier night sights of any generation or for zeroing iron sights in darkness.

Graticule (Reticule) Patterns
Each SAC is fitted with a graticule pattern designed to maximise the accuracy of zeroing fo r the type of weapon sight system used. As with all aspects of the Collimator the designs of the calibrated graticule within the SAC are available according to user requirements. Exampl es of typi cal standard graticule patterns are shown below.

Iron Sight

Optica l Sight (Day & Imag e Intens ifier)

"Red Dot"

Laser Pointer (Visible & Invisible)

Design Criteria
More than 70 different SAC models are availabie for all/an y weapons from 5.50mm to 40mm calibre using iron sights , day optical sights and 11 night vision sights and laser pointers.
Accu racy/Repeatability:  ±0.25mil ( 25mm in 100m/1 inch in 100 yards)
Options:  Trit ium or battery powered light source
Status:  In current use, in current production
Service:  Operationally deployed by more than 30 armed forces world-wide, including six NATO countries
NSN:  Nato Stock Numbers available for all modeis

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