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PNP-MUNS Mirino Notturno Universale


Specifiche tecniche

Ingrandimento: 1x
Campo visivo: 13°
Messa a fuoco: 100m all’infinito
Coservazione della mira: Permanente, non richiede riazzeramento per il mirino diurno
Compatibilità mirino diurno: diametri di tutte le lenti frontali fino a  60mm

Alimentazione: Batteria singola 1.5V”AA” o tipo litio formato  1.5V ”AA”  91 (NSN 6135 01 333 6101) o formato  1.2V”AA” ricaricabile
Durata della batteria: In eccesso di 40-100 ore in dipendenza del tubo e del tipo di batteria

Dimensioni: Lunghezza171mm, Altezza 62mm, Larghezza 73mm; linea di centro ottico al di sopra; superficie di scorrimento  del Picatinny 32.5mm(superiore a richiesta)
Peso: 675 gms senza batteria; 690 gms con batteria al litio “AA”
Binario: occorrono 120mmdi lunghezza di rail Picatinny davanti al  mirino diurno
Costruzione : lega in Alluminio e polimero riempito in vetro
Tappo Posteriore: stampo in gomma, clip on/off e ripiegato.

The PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sight is a state of the art in-line image intensified, rugged, lightweight and compact weapon sight designed specifically to be used in front of dayscopes from 1x to 16x magnification and higher with front lenses up to 60mm diameter.

Its advanced in-line optical design, with no prisms or folded optics, does not affect the zero of the weapon, nor the user’s normal firing position and does not create any parallax errors. It is attached and released instantly from the weapon’s Picatinny rail by means of its over-centre throw lever and no tools are needed to attach, release or operate it. PNP-MUNS can also be used as a stand-alone hand held night vision surveillance tool.

A wide choice of image intensifier tubes is available in PNP-MUNS up to FOM 2016 including Autogated types for the most demanding missions and it needs only one “AA” battery to operate it from 40 to 100 hours depending on battery type and model of intensifier tube.

PNP-MUNS weighs only 675 grams, is waterproof to 20 metres for 1 hour and has rugged Butler Creek flip-up lens caps on both ends for total protection against dust, dirt and water.

It also has a clip-on/clip-off fold-back moulded rubber rear hood to prevent any green reflected glow on the front lens of dayscopes up to 60mm diameter.

Waterproof: Immersions proof 20m 1hr, Nitrogen filled
Temperature: Operation ˗45°C to +55°C; Storage ˗51°C to +65̊ C

Ordering Information

Each PNP-MUNS is delivered in its soft black (or camouflage on request) padded pouch with clip on/off rear hood, “AA” Lithium L91 battery and full operating illustrated instructions.

NSN 5855-99-998-2408
Part No          Model
560˗2002+       PNP-MUNS2+
560˗2002+       +HD PNP-MUNS2+ +HD
560˗200XD4     PNP-MUNSXD˗4
560˗200XD4A   PNP-MUNSXD˗4A Autogated
560˗200XR5     PNP-MUNSXR5
560˗200XR5A   PNP-MUNSXR5A Autogated


Typical Value
(Tube manufacturer’s data)
Gen 2+ Gen 2+
XD˗4 XR5
Sensitivity (μA/Im) 450 600 700 800
Resolution (Ip/mm) 32 57 64 72
Signal to Noise ratio 15 22 23 28
Figure of Merit
(FOM) Typical
480 1254 1472 2016
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