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U-Share - Network management system


U-Share is a network management system for content contribution or occasional broadcasts, automating the exchange of video and audio data from a source site to one or several destination sites. Designed for broadcasters and/or Telecom operators, U-Share is a software package designed in a modular fashion. U-Share uses the latest transmission technologies: the computer transport network IP (in asynchronous mode: FTP) and/or video (DVB Digital Video Broadcast in synchronous mode).The user-friendly interface of the U-Share system workstations ensures fast and efficient handling by users.

The U-Share video acquisition module automatically digitizes all types of feeds. U-Share remote- controls the various channel equipments (coder, decoder, VTR, server, grid, time code generator, and so on).

  • Automatic scheduled or immediate feed acquisition.
  • Digitization from VTR, an SDI source or ASI source.
  • Video server control.
  • Integrated simple video editing tool (Clean Cutter).

U-Share’s exchange scheduling module allows the scheduling (Booker) of each exchange from a site to one or more receiving sites (source site, destination sites, start date/time, duration, and so on).

  • Permanent display of video resources of all networked sites.
  • Three transmission modes: live (priority transmissions), sequential mode (fixed latest transmission time and duration) and remote loading (overnight transfer).
  • Immediate flexible modification or cancellation of transmissions at any moment.
  • Automated exchange and acquisition scheduling.
  • Instantaneous reservation of transmissions.

During an exchange (or transmission), all equipment for the sites involved in the exchange (transmitting site, receiving sites) is automatically piloted at the beginning of the exchange, during the exchange and at the end of the exchange.

  • Multipoint and point-to-point transfers.
  • Live transmission of events.
  • Temporary exchanges from mobile production units (SNG).
  • Transport in synchronous (DVB) or asynchronous mode (FTP).

Bandwidth management
U-Share optimizes the exchange of video and audio content through autonomous and automatic management of its transport network. For each transfer request in a given time slot U-Share offers the best solution considering network congestion, thus considerably reduces transfer costs.

  • Display of all past and future transmissions.
  • Modification of transmission timing by simple drag & drop.

Thanks to the use of the IT standard and its architecture based on a database engine, U-Share is modular and upgradeable.

  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Easy connection with other applications (Integrator).
  • Adaptability to all types of material.
  • Adaptability to all types of transport networks (satellites,ATM, radio relay links, ADSL, and so on).
  • Possibility of adding new equipment.


  • Control and maintenance of equipment (VTR, player, recorder, grid, coder, decoder, modulator, demodulator, commutator, TimeCoder).
  • Access rights for each user, each site in the same contribution network.
  • Operation in Normal / Backup / or Safe Mode.

Minimum system configuration

- Operating system: Windows 2000 Server
- SQL 2000

- Operating system: Windows 2000
- Computer: PIV 2GHz or equivalent
- RAM: 256 MB minimum


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