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Hypercast Warehouse


Hypercast Warehouse is a flexible platform entirely dedicated to Media Asset Management.This full-featured software solution provides companies with a system for centralizing, sharing, and viewing audio, image, and video archives, and broadcasting them across multiple distribution channels (Web portals, mobile devices, ADSL, etc.). Hypercast Warehouse is very flexible and adaptable, designed for any company needing to manage content.

Managing audiovisual files and their associated media
Hypercast Warehouse references all types of objects, files, and physical media (audio, video, and still images).

  • Identify all copies of a given video or image, whatever the version, format, or location.
  • Automatically convert source files into various formats for viewing and distribution.
  • Transfer the various copies to centralized storage locations.

Managing associated data
You can describe collections of images, videos, and images in a catalog.
This associated data can be descriptive, legal, technical, commercial, for classification purposes, etc.

  • Describe time indexing for audiovisual files or image collections via a Web base interface.
  • Create databases by data type (documentaries, advertisements, newscasts, etc.) and search for documents across all your databases.
  • Create sets of images and films with very rich information, using multimedia data in one or several languages.
  • Generate or integrate in-house multilingual thesauruses as well as activity lists in order to standardize description fields.

Once you have chosen search criteria such as format, language, or version, Hypercast Warehouse automatically selects the best medium available for a given use, such as viewing from a Web browser. Furthermore, the system offers full-text searches for direct access to the desired document sequences.

  • Search using multiple criteria.
  • View audiovisual databases over the Internet in JPEG, GIF, Real and Windows Media formats, and over an intranet in any format.
  • Obtain detailed information about the desired medium: size in pixels, physical size, compression profile, number of audio tracks, etc.
  • View, download, or edit data according to user access rights.

Online collaboration
Hypercast Warehouse is based on collaboration, in particular via the Web interface enabling users to access all the Hypercast Warehouse functions from any computer with a standard Web browser.

  • Remotely edit files with permanent accessibility.
  • Secure processing for the feed, indexing, and publication of audiovisual data.
  • Configure custom access rights to various uses.

Having stored a document, you can publish it with Hypercast Publishing Server. Hypercast Warehouse automates this task and defines broadcast targets and publication rules.You can also manually republish a given document at any time. Hypercast Warehouse uses templates for producing presentations fully compliant with your company's graphic guidelines.

  • Total and/or partial automation of the publishing chain to third party services (intranets, the Internet, broadband, cellular telephony).
  • Complete control of instantaneous viewing via advanced publication interfaces.
  • Improved reliability of the broadcast tool by an automatic control of selected publications before they are broadcast.
  • Save distribution time by automatically publishing data of varying quality but keeping the high definition source in the central database.

Hypercast Warehouse is designed as a series of Web services.

  • It can be addressed in HTTP/XML, and is therefore easy to integrate.
  • Fast development of specific GUIs.
  • Integration with the corporate information system (directory, search engine, Content Management System, portal, external thesaurus)

Minimum system configuration

The Hypercast Warehouse architecture seamlessly integrates into all the latest information technologies.

Server platform:

  • Sun SPARC Solaris 8.
  • Red Hat Linux.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP
  • Back End: Oracle 8i and 9i *.

Client platform:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 - 5.5 - 6.0.


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