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Hypercast Editor


Hypercast Editor, a software solution for segmenting, indexing, annotating, and cataloging all types of audio and video files, is the primary tool in the range for building a Media Asset Management system.

Video capture
The Hypercast Editor user interface is designed to provide fast and accurate control without requiring any special knowledge. You can play back all types of audio and video documents either locally, over a network, from a tape deck, or from an audiovisual database.

  • Customizable blocks.
  • Automatically saves work in progress and reopens the last saved version if work is interrupted.
  • Identical processing of all files (video and audio).
  • Batch digitization.
  • Controls VCRs via RS-422 and DV.

Hypercast Editor transcodes all types of audiovisual sources.

  • Segment by segment encoding capability for a detailed selection of the information to be broadcast.
  • Video encoding formats:Windows Media, Real, Quicktime, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, .AVI, etc.
  • Audio tape encoding formats: .WAV, .MP3, AIFF,AAC, etc.

Hypercast Editor lets you describe your audiovisual documents using its segmenting, indexing, and annotation functions. Create diverse overlays for a single tape to enable faster processing.
You can easily index the various segments of an audio or video tape either manually or automatically, while respecting your company's editorial guidelines.

  • Associate multimedia objects – text, images, sound, Flash animations, HTML pages, URL links, etc. – to facilitate subsequent searches.
  • Fast, easy navigation using the TimeLine feature.
  • Create several metadata records for a single document.
  • Segment videos using either the automatic scene change detection feature or frame recognition.

Dopo le registrazioni audiovisive , Hypercast Editor cataloga I dati e li registra in formato XML. In combinazione con Hypercast Warehouse, la soluzione è ottimizzata allo scopo di modificare tutti i files via online collaboration, rendendoli accessibili a tutti.

  • Salva I files elaborate li recupera per l’uso successivo.
  • Gestisce le ricerche sui contenuti dei documenti.
  • Beneficia della online collaboration con Hypercast
  • Immagazzina.
  • Index audiovisual data in all types of files, links, and in any format.
  • Obtain a standardized description of video segments using the fixed indexing fields to ensure consistent indexing.
  • Process data in multiple languages.
  • Simplify navigation through audiovisual documents by creating a table of contents.

Hypercast Publishing Server, a Hypercast Editor option, optimizes the broadcasting of audiovisual data. This full-featured tool transforms and prepares files in any format for broadcast and export to other systems (Internet applications, etc.).

  • Use standard templates to generate Rich Media presentations.
  • Create customized publication template pages for faster processing, compliant with your company's guidelines.
  • Publish to third-party systems (Web servers, Real servers for SMIL, etc.).
  • Export data to multiple targets.
  • Export in EDL format for editing tools.
  • Direct link with Hypercast Publishing Server and Hypercast Editor.


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