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Café - Fully automated software solution for video management


Café is a fully automated software solution for managing the entire video acquisition chain, from triggering recording via image recognition or according to a predefined program schedule, to file encoding and transmission to remote servers (Internet,Archives, intranet, etc.)

Image recognition and scheduling
Café features a scheduling module used prior to the acquisition process. Technicians define the settings for each recording session, such as the station name, date, time, etc. so they can schedule recordings several weeks ahead. They can also choose to trigger recordings via key image recognition. In this case, the technician saves an image and digitizing will start when that image (or part of it) is detected in the video stream, in real time. Likewise, recording can be stopped when another image is detected, such as a fixed image, a logo, etc.

  • Scheduling over several weeks
  • Detection of from 1 to 5 key images to start and stop recording
  • Partial detection within an image
  • Detection delay: 1 image (or 40 ms at 25 images/second)
  • Digitizing delay: 400 ms
  • Remote control

Video Capture
Café automatically handles all recording requests in order to enable 24/7 video capture. It controls external video capture tools and digitizes features. The program accepts a wide range of video sources (analog and SDI).

  • Automatic generation of audio and video files by feature
  • Video capture in AVI format (with or without compression)
  • 24/7 operation
  • Capture of broadcast streams or analog cassettes
  • Management of changes in the program schedule

Digitized files can then be encoded into one or more formats (Real, Windows Media, MPEG, Quicktime) for immediate use. This operation is performed using predefined encoding rules. The meta data associated with the video capture is stored and enriched with encoding information.

  • Management of encoding profiles
  • Multiple encoding formats for a single source file
  • Encoding in Real (.rm) and/or Windows Media (.wmv, .wma) formats, MPEG I, MPEG 2, and/or Quicktime

File transfer
Once the files have been digitized, Café can automatically send videos and their associated data to remote servers for archiving and viewing on demand. Thus a file can be sent simultaneously both to a server for archiving and to an intranet site for immediate viewing and use.

  • Simultaneous transmission over a LAN or via FTP
  • Send a single file to several destinations (intranet, etc.)
  • Priority management
  • Resume uploads in case of interruption
  • Send activity reports via e-mail

Minimum configuration

  • Operating system:Windows 2000
  • DirectX media 8.1
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
  • Quicktime Player 5
  • PC compatible computer with an Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent (Minimum processor configuration: 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM)
  • Osprey video capture card (230 or 560)


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