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TMP-Box X2 Integrated Multiple Connection Cellular Router


The TMP-Box X2 is the first cellular router to establish two cellular Internet connections and utilize both for additional speed. These cellular connections are even maintained in moving vehicles.

2x The Bandwidth and Coverage
The TMP-Box X2's multiple connections provide broader data bandwidths either for large file transfers (as for media companies) or for a greater number of users (such as in buses and mass transport). Redundancy and a larger geographical area are provided by using two disparate carriers.

Three Ways The TMP-Box X2 Can Be Used

Enhanced Speed for A Single Application
The TMP-Box X2 will balance outgoing traffic over multiple cellular Internet connections to increase bandwidth.
Not all hardware or software will take advantage of both cellular Internet connections. Certain software and hardware will utilize both links for a single stream to essentially double the available bandwidth.

This solution is great for broadcast and media where upload bandwidth from the field is a must have!


Enhanced Coverage
The TMP-Box X2 can be configured with two different cellular carriers to increase the coverage area. If one carrier is lost due to being out of coverage, a network outage, disaster, etc., the TMP-Box X2 sends all traffic over the remaining available link. When both networks are available again, the TMP-Box X2 automatically resumes balancing traffic over both links. The TMP-Box X2 is compatible with the latest EVDO Rev A and 7.2 Mbps HSPA technologies and is backwards compatible to all previous digital network technologies.

This solution is great when coverage is a must! Many federal agencies use this solution to guarantee coverage from at least one provider.


Enhanced Speed for Multiple Users
The TMP-Box X2 will balance outgoing traffic over multiple cellular Internet connections to increase capacity. A bus full of people on a single Internet connection will be very slow. The TMP-Box X2 will balance the traffic on two different Internet connections seamlessly. The users notice no difference other than a faster Internet connection. Two TMP-Box X2s can be stacked together for a 4X connection. These connections can be on a single provider or multiple providers.

This is great for high‐capacity vehicles such as buses and trains. Also great for temporary sites such as a construction trailer that needs to have more than a few people online at once.


Technical Notes
Uploading: When both carriers are active, the TMP-Box X2 automatically balances data over both for increased uploading speed. Outbound data packets are rotated every other packet between the two cellular Internet connections.
Downloading: When multiple users, devices or applications access the Internet through the TMP-Box X2, there can be an increase in downloading speeds. When a web page, data file or streaming video is requested, however, the server only sends it back to the connection that requested it. Certain sites like Yahoo! and AOL send content down from multiple servers, so they can download faster.
Additionally: The TMP-Box X2 establishes two separate data connections, each with its own IP address, over the cellular network(s). These connections are made to the same cell site if the TMP-Box X2 is configured for one carrier. If configured for two carriers, the same tower could still be used.
Many towers are put up by third-parties that lease space to multiple cellular providers. In this case, the backend bandwidth (the landline connecting to the cell site) could be shared. The bandwidth could be as small as a fractional T1 up to a large fiber connection. Many remote sites use a point to point microwave link. The configuration of the backend bandwidth is usually where the bandwidth can be limited. If there is a large event (many users), performance can be degraded. We are not aware of any cellular providers offering any type of CIR (Committed Information Rate). The carriers typically advertise an average bandwidth and a burst rate. Users should expect close to the average with occasional bursts. Future firmware upgrades by us, as technology develops, will enhance the functionality of the TMP-Box X2 to best meet customer needs.

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