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Instant Release Armour Vest


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TMPSYS-INSTANTVEST is a revolutionary ballistic jacket which incorporates an advanced Quick Release System. A soldier can divest the vest in a single pull action in less than a second. Its remarkable design makes it the simplest quick release ballistic over-vest which can be recouped and reassembled in less than 30 seconds. The Quick Release System uses no cables or wires and is ambidextrous in nature. Design

  • Donning and doffing in an instant for quick response. It divests in less than a second and can be assembled and donned in approx. 30 seconds.
  • Light weight, flexible and extremely comfortable.
  • Advanced load distribution system.
  • Fully adjustable at waist & shoulder for a precise and comfortable fit.
  • Detachable groin, collar and shoulder.
  • Incorporates a rifle butt rest for enhanced comfort during operations.
  • Compatible with hydration packs, ammunition pouches & other gears.
  • Rear drag strap handle.
  • D-rings to carry bulky items.
  • Manufactured using breathable, fire retardant, water repellant advanced fabrics.
  • Inner lining for air ventilation.
/images/k2/1616/tmpsys-instant-vest01.jpgProtection Areas:
  • Front, back, side, collar, groin and shoulder
Protection Level:
  • Level III A, (As per NIJ 0101.04)


Olive Green | Sand | Black |Navy Blue


(Also available in Camouflage pattern)

TMPSYS-P1002 Armour Plate
Product : PolyShield Plate
Model : TMPSYS-P1002
Protection Level : Level III, As per NIJ 0101.04
Size : 25 cm X 30 cm (±3mm)
Curvature : Single Curve
Nature : Vest dependent
Front/Back : Can be used as front or back plate
Weight : 1.5 Kg (±50 g.)
Thickness : 20 mm (±2 mm)

Bullet resistant
7.62 X 39 mm Mild Steel Core, (Kalashnikov, AK-47 MSC)
7.62 X 51 mm Lead Core (NATO BALL, M80, SLR, L2A2)
7.62 X 39 mm Lead Core (CJLC)
5.56 X 45 mm Lead Core (M193, L2A1)


tmpsys-instant-vest05.jpgTMPSYS-InstantVest-G6 sets completely new benchmarks for ballistic protection, performance, comfort and weight. 6th generation ultra-light weight Ammoflex armour made from the strongest materials in the latest generation fibers and the unique patented quick release system, make it the most capable tactical vest ever. It offers ballistic protection from handgun ammunition, RCC's and FSP's at vastly improved energy absorption and dissipation levels.
It features a unique, patented quick release (QR) system which enables the vest to be released from the body swiftly in one piece and in a single action during emergency situations.

Weighing at less than 5 kgs, it is over 40% lighter, 30% thinner and 50% more flexible than most conventional vests. This significant reduction in weight and bulk gives the soldier the ability to carry additional ammunition, batteries, rations or other mission critical equipment without increasing his burden or related stress. It also allows better speed, agility, endurance and maneuverability.

The unique and patented quick release system in TMPSYS-InstantVest-G6 enables the vest to be divested from the soldiers body swiftly in one piece with a single action during emergency situations. The quick release is so designed that vest can be put back on quickly and simply without any training. The QR mechanism is located at the bottom of the vest and hidden during normal use to prevent accidental release.