Mercoledì 21 Ottobre 2020
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Venerdì 31 Luglio 2020

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TMPSYS-IR520 Multifunctional Thermal Imager


ir520-01.jpgProduct introduction
It consists of thermal imager, visual CCD camera, GPS, electronic compass and laser range finder. It not only locates the imager itself, but also precisely locates the target position, which solves the problem that the operator detects target but can’t locate the target accurately.

  • Multi-functional units
Visual CCD, GPS, digital compass and eye-safe laser range finder are all integrated in infrared and visual imaging system. Such high-efficient combination calculates target parameters and helps for precise hit.
  • Video recording and picture storageir520-02.jpg
The product supports 8GB memory unit. The standard 8GB memory card saves up to 2 hours video or 10000 pictures.
  • Digital video presentation
Digital video helps the operator see and identify target details more clearly.

  • Position patrol
  • Scout survey
  • Artillery position
  • Security monitoring
Technical Specifications
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