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SGK - Secured Area Gateway Passage and Access Control


SGK - Security Gate Keeper

  • Airport check-in, boarding gates
  • Customs checkpoints, border controls
  • Prison contraband detection efforts
  • Government building access and exits
  • Public transportation facilities

The Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology provides the means to examine not only what subjects are carrying, but to highlight and determine their actual intentions in advance.

Recent terror attacks have proven that the rules of the game have changed, and that the willingness of terrorists to lose their own lives has made deterrence and prevention significantly more complicated. The search for concealed weapons, explosives and sharp objects is no longer sufficient. We are now compelled to examine not only what subjects are carrying, but to discover their motivations in advance.
The Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology now allows us to do that. By having your subjects answer three to five yes-no questions, it is now possible to reveal their true intentions.

SGK is a security access control system, providing an easy-to-use voice analysis solution to determine whether or not the purpose of an individual’s access to a secured area is legitimate.
SGK provides instant security verification and threat assessment before allowing access to high-risk facilities and secured and sterile zones.

Designed for rapid intention verification using input from only 3 to 5 questions, SGK will identify the overall emotional state of the subject during interrogation, allowing its operators to single out potential harmful intentions.
SGK is a state-of-the-art, reliable security measure, which significantly reduces embarrassing and unnecessary inconveniences to the largely legitimate public. In border control scenarios, one encounters diverse emotional structures that are not associated with criminal intent, e.g. exhausted travelers, excited vacationers, etc. The uniqueness of the SGK system is its ability to cluster and categorize these different emotional structures by learning to identify those that signal true intention to commit crimes or acts of terror.
Different locations require different means and methods for security checks, and SGK is primed to meet a variety of challenges. The diversity and flexibility ranges from a single language manually operated system to multilingual automated posts. The system can operate from a noisy and public high traffic area to a closed intimate checkpoint. SGK is specifically designed to meet your needs for any level of security.

SGK Operation
A series of 3 to 5 specific questions are presented to the subject. The response to each question is recorded and analyzed automatically by the system. Once the questionnaire has been completed (up to 60 seconds for a full 5 question questionnaire), SGK will produce a result: either "Green" or "Red", indicating to what degree the subject fits the expected emotional profile for non-criminal intent.

SGK is intended for use in: airport check-in areas; airplane boarding gates; customs checkpoints; border controls; security stations; drug smuggling and interdiction efforts; prison contraband detection efforts and any entrance / exit environment that requires heightened security.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Technology
The Layered Voice Analysis technology enables a quick and effective decision making process based on any available audio data. LVA has the ability to identify various types of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions which combine to build the complete "emotional structure" of an individual at the time of voice capture.
LVA uses a series of patented signal processing algorithms to detect different emotional levels within a given voice sample, and subsequently identify deceptive motivation, criminal intention, and general credibility. These tools will simplify any investigative procedure.

LioNet Technology
LioNet is a powerful learning engine designed to increase the accuracy in the identification of specific emotional signatures. The technology begins with an empty knowledge base and is trained to recognize various emotional signatures that are of interest to a particular site. Recognition accuracy and reliability increase as the knowledge base becomes more robust. LioNet technology is designed to work in tandem with these kind of security-related products.

Providing all Safeguards
As a psychological evaluator, SGK can go far beyond any physical security equipment that is currently available. Combining SGK with traditional metal detectors and “sniffers” further tightens security.
SGK is constructed to ensure the highest reliability in the detection of threats. Three independent algorithms are used to ensure that each result is verified:

  • A polygraph-like analysis, comparing emotional reactions to known questions
  • An emotional profile-match test using a sophisticated learning system
  • "Extreme Behavior" indicator – to flag any unknown or rare emotional profile that may indicate criminal intent with catastrophic consequences

While “Green-Lighted” individuals are processed swiftly, “Red-Lighted” subjects receive further attention and are forwarded to a secondary LVA / SGK station for further examination.
At that stage, subjects are either fully cleared or detained for a more in-depth inspection.


  • No gender, orientation, ethnicity, or age bias
  • Determines criminal / wrongful intent in a non-intrusive manner, in less than 60 seconds
  • Functions in tandem with additional security measures to deliver an efficient, nonintrusive and easy-to-use investigation technique for threat identification
  • Reduces unnecessary inconvenience to the legitimate public
  • Learns emotional patterns using a heuristic system to constantly improve measurement accuracy.


The LVA 6.50 provides the ultimate investigation focus tool for homeland security, intelligence, military and law enforcement use.
LVA 6.50 is a security-level advanced voice analysis solution providing instant truth verification, threat assessment, and emotion identification. LVA 6.50 analyzes voice samples in real-time to provide timely and reliable results for quick and effective decision-making. LVA technology was designed specifically for security, law-enforcement and multi-purpose intelligence use, and is available in three different usage modes:

  • Online Mode - Enables users to tailor their investigation questions in real-time, allowing them to pursue leads discovered during the test itself.
  • Offline Mode - Provides in-depth analysis of pre-recorded conversations.
  • Investigation Mode - Uses a polygraph-like questionnaire and methodology to quickly get to the facts.

LVA works with any spoken language - analyzing not "what" is being said, but "how."

LVA 6.50
The security arena is routinely challenged by new types of threats, more sophisticated criminal activity and more advanced sources of investigation data. The need to identify harmful intentions and crime suspects coupled with the need to differentiate between relevant and insignificant information is crucial for success. With the ability to detect and measure a wide spectrum of emotions and cognitive processes in real-time and/or offline, LVA 6.50 provides a critical edge.

The advanced LVA 6.50 investigation focus tool is an innovative voice analysis system that allows users to measure emotional activity, verify veracity, and identify deception. During investigations, interviews and casual conversations, the tool points out any "notable" areas in the subject's narrative, and enables users to identify the truth faster and more accurately than previously possible.

Combines three modes of operation:

Online Mode
Online Mode is used to conduct investigations where analysis is required in real-time. This allows users to focus on suspected portions of speech, screen large numbers of subjects by process of elimination, and save precious investigation time.

  • For investigations requiring real-time analysis
  • Used in face-to-face interviews (microphone) or via telephone
  • Easy-to-use mode providing many automatic analysis tools
  • Real-time feedback helps focus on suspected issues and obtain more leads
  • Displays top level analysis using simple expressions such as "Truth", "Inaccuracy", "High Stress", and "False Statement"
  • Records the conversation for further analysis or future use

Offline Mode
The Offline Mode analyzes pre-recorded material to produce an in-depth psychological protocol. Offline mode can analyze vocal segments from any source of audio such as tape recordings, DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recordings, video recordings, radio, television, live subjects or phone calls.

  • Analysis of recorded voice data to provide an in-depth view of the subject's complete range of emotions during time of recording
  • Interactive data presentation, graphs, reports and statistical information
  • Built-in database for audio files and recordings
  • Each voice segment analyzed separately

Investigation Mode
Investigation Mode provides quick and computerized summaries and reports using familiar techniques of questioning that are standard in polygraph examinations.

  • Similar to the Polygraph, using yes/no question templates
  • Unlike the Polygraph, requires no contact equipment other than a microphone
  • Designed for direct truth verification using a pre-planned questionnaire
  • Very short learning cycle for any trained polygraph expert

LVA 6.50 offers two recording modes for optimal format recording of sound files:

  • Basic Recorder - begins recording face-to-face conversations immediately either via microphone or telephone (a special telephone-PC connector is included with the product). The recording is then logged into the LVA database for quick retrieval.
  • Advanced Recorder - designed to serve the Offline Mode analysis of recorded conversations from external sources. This mode enables you to fine-tune the output volume from your external unit to generate the best possible recording to a file.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Technology
The Layered Voice Analysis technology enables a quick and effective decision-making process based on any available audio data. LVA has the ability to identify various types of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions which combine to build the complete "emotional structure" of an individual at the time of voice capture.
LVA uses a series of patented signal processing algorithms to detect different emotional levels within a given voice sample, and subsequently identify deceptive motivation, criminal intention, and general credibility. These tools will simplify any investigative procedure.


  • Most advanced Voice Analysis technology available
  • No gender, orientation, ethnicity, or age bias
  • Provides both on-site real-time and offline in-depth analysis and truth verification
  • Records, categorizes, and analyzes incoming voice segments from any source of audio
  • Language-independent- analyzes "how" a person speaks and not "what" is being said
  • Easily adaptable to different interface languages


  • Investigation Focus Tools
  • Multi-purpose intelligence use
  • High Security Employment Screening Hostage Negotiation
  • Intelligence/Counter-intelligence

Fair Integrity Assessment for your Human Resource needs

The  LVA-i is the state-of-the-art in automated Integrity/Risk Assessment system.
Using a unique combination of advanced questionnaire methodology and voice analysis technology, LVA-i provides an unprecedented level of insight into the integrity and risk potential of employment candidates. LVA-i is an essential tool for recruitment agencies and in-house HR divisions seeking to optimize the employee screening and selection process.
Featuring a fully automated and user-friendly interface, LVA-i requires no technical or assessment expertise for operation.

  • Fully automated testing, assessment and reporting
  • Promotes fair hiring practices by providing non-biased assessments
  • Customizable test topics to meet your organization's evolving needs
  • Language-independent: analyzes responses spoken in any language
  • Helps protect your organization from potential workforce liabilities

HR professionals face the constant challenge of identifying the most capable and dependable employees from an often very large pool of candidates. Neglecting to conduct effective pre-employment assessments can result in poor workforce productivity, potential law suits, damaged company reputation, and financial loss- all of which threaten the success of your business or organization.
Various pre-employment screening techniques are available to help meet this challenge. Aptitude tests, background checks and personality profiling aid in the assessment of technical skills, prior experience, and overall credentials of a candidate. But what can employers do to reduce the threat of liability that a potential employee may pose in the future? How can you accurately identify a candidate’s level of risk regarding unlawful acts relevant to your business?


Introducing LVA-i Automated Integrity Assessment
LVA-i is a revolutionary product in integrity and risk assessment techniques. LVA-I leverages the advanced Layered Voice Analysis technology to estimate a candidate’s liability potential by analyzing the emotional content of his or her voice when responding to specifically designed questions. An LVA-i assessment provides insights into a candidate’s ethical inclinations, identifies what portions of her/his response s/he is uncertain about, what questions require more of her/ his mental attention, and what topic areas appear to be sensitive issues for the candidate.
This information is analyzed by the LVA-i engine to produce a final “Risk Report” for the candidate, highlighting any specific areas that may be of concern to an employer.

Test Themes & Topics
The HR Manager, or hiring officer, may use the integrity-risk score as a supportive indicator for next-step interviews with the applicant. This Integrity Score is an indication of the level of risk that the potential employee may introduce to the organization with regard to the following topics and themes:

  • Confidentiality and secrecy
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Drug usage
  • Theft from place of employment
  • Credibility, Honesty and Integrity
  • Gambling
  • Bribery and Kickbacks
  • Fraud and Deceit

Automated Assessment

  • No intimidation, no preparation - simply refer the candidates to a room with privacy and let the automated voice system guide them through the assessment.
  • Immediately generated report – easy to understand, intuitive and instantly produced at the end of the assessment.
  • Language customizable - tests can be generated in a variety of languages.
  • Accessible – no special operator training required.

Business and CRM
These Business and CRM develops innovative tools and services that leverage the attributes of Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology to meet the needs of the commercial and financial markets. We currently offer three types of applications for these markets:

  • QA5 series for Quality Assurance & Customer Relationship Management
  • RA5 solutions for Fraud Detection & Risk Management

LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) Technology
The Layered Voice Analysis technology detects and measures the emotional content of human speech, captured live or extracted from recorded audio. LVA identifies various types of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions which together comprise an individual’s “emotional structure” at the time of voice capture.
By utilizing a wide range spectrum analysis to detect minute, involuntary changes in the speech waveform, LVA can detect anomalies in brain activity and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, deception, and varying emotional states, accordingly.