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I risultati di un rapporto sulle minacce per l’Italia evidenziano l’intensità delle minacce informatiche a cui devono far fronte le aziende del nos [...]
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Mounted Police Horse Protection


mounted-police-horse-protection01.jpgThis line of horse protective equipment is designed for use in riot control assignments.
Police Horses have shown to be very effective in riot control operations.
However, they are exposed to injuries from stones, bottles, sticks and other hard objects that can hit, distress and injure the horse.

The Horse riot protection equipment set:
  • Protective Blanket
  • Chest Plate
  • Front Leg Guard
  • Back Leg Guard
  • Nose Guard with Visor

mounted-police-horse-protection02.jpg mounted-police-horse-protection03.jpg mounted-police-horse-protection04.jpg mounted-police-horse-protection05.jpg

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