Mercoledì 21 Ottobre 2020
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Diverse novità e in diversi settori che distribuiamo in esclusiva per l’Italia !

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TRX Riot Suit


trx-riot-suit01.jpgThe TRX modular crowd control system provides police forces with the ultimate combination of protection and mobility.
Especially suitable for high‐threat riot situation, this system was designed to deliver the highest protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing comfort and mobility.
Exclusive features and modular characteristics of this system make the TRX the most advanced crowd control protective system on the market. All of the TRX pieces are fastened and adjusted quickly and easily, allowing perfect fit to a wide range of body types.

Weight: 7Kg (+/‐0.5kg)

trx-riot-suit02.jpgTRX RIOT SUIT ‐ UNIQUE FEATURES
Built in M.O.L.L.E. System Plate Carrier on front. Allows attachment of any MOLLE standard pouch such Radio, ammunition, cuffs, etc.
Multi panel protective plates on the back – maximizing comfort and flexibility. Baton loops on both sides of the back of the suit.
Integrated 3 Liter Hydration Bladder with bite valve –with easy conversion to left hand or right hand fit.

Modular MOLLE Pouch platform

Flexible Back Protection

Integrated Hydration Bladder

Optional M.O.L.L.E Pouches
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