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TMPSYS-S230 Uncooled Infrared Binoculars


tmpsys-s230-01.jpgSecurity Observation
  • 160 x 120 uncool FPA detector
  • One-hand operation, carrying light
  • Monocular OLED display
  • Good cost performance
TMPSYS-S230 series is an uncooled infrared telescope with resolution of 160x120 pixels thermal detector. It is a very compact, rugged and light weight unit, easy one-hand operation supporting long distance observation and image storage functions. tmpsys-s230-02.jpg
TMPSYS-S230 is ideal for applications such as surveillance, monitoring, suppress smuggling, search as well as forest fire protection and etc.

TMPSYS-S230 (Lens: 29mm)
Weather conditions: 25°C, 1atm, visibility 10Km, 60% RH(Narrow FOV)
Object size 2.3 x 2.3m, Max. detect distance 1000m
Object size 1.7 x 1 m, Max. detect distance 560m

Note: detect distance related to size of object, heat grade lens specs, weather condition.
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