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TMPSYS-RH19 A - Thermal Camera for Perimeter Protection


High quality image

tmpsys-rh19a-01.jpgThe thermal camera TMPSYS-RH19 A guarantees a perimeter security both day and night with alarm verification no matter what the metrological conditions. The principal of the infrared detection of the bolometric transducer is based on the analysis of different temperature levels within a dynamic environment.
Thanks to a well-tested technology, the thermal camera provides a high quality image (384x288 pixels) with a maximum detection range of 200m. With a simplified set-up and a 24h round the clock operation mode in all weather conditions even in total darkness, the camera adapts to all security and surveillance applications.

Alarm verification day and night

tmpsys-rh19a-02.jpgTMPSYS-RH19 A doesn’t require any additional lighting, unlike traditional analog cameras, thanks to the use of thermal image technology. As a result the zone under surveillance can not be easily identified.
During both day and night and without reducing the zone of surveillance, it is possible to easily identify the events recorded in the camera’s field of view to provide an efficient alarm verification.
TMPSYS-RH19A operates efficiently with video analysis because, unlike traditional cameras, it is insensitive to parasitic movements such as shadows or clouds.

Simplified set up, installation and maintenance

tmpsys-rh19a-03.jpgThe thermal camera TMPSYS-RH19 A is easy to set up. With a 12Vdc power supply and a coaxial video output, the camera can be installed on all existing infrastructure. The solid case is IP 66 and guarantees the functioning of the camera between –35°C and +55°C.
An integrated web server facilitates all maintenance operations as the camera data can be accessed at distance.

tmpsys-rh19a-04.jpgDetector type: Focal plane matrix, uncooled microbolo-meter 384 x 288 pixels
Spectral range: 8-14 micrometers
Field of view: 28.4° x 21.5° with 19 mm lens
Thermal resolution: <100mK to 25°C
Frame rate: 25Hz PAL or 8.3 Hz PAL
Focus control: Fixed
Image processing: AGC
Video output: Composite video PAL
Connector type: BNC for video output
Automatic defrost: Yes
Operating temperature: -35°C to +55°C
Storage temperature: -50°C to +80°C
Resistance to humidity: The screening of salt spray – 100% of RH
Protection: IP66
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Dimensions: (H x L x W) 145 x 465 x 148 mm
Interface: Ethernet
Frame rate

  • 25 ips for European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, United-States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand
  • 8.3 ips for the rest of the world*

*The frame rate of more than 9 ips can be submitted to export control.

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