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TMPSYS-BZM Series Cross-Enhanced Z, Multi-Energy Parcel Backscatter


Safer, Speedier, Sharper: A Better Breed of Backscatter

tmp-bzm01.jpgCross-Enhanced® Multi-Energy view with Dual Mode detection penetrates 25% deeper than standard dual-views. Cross-Enhanced® Z Backscatter view brightly exposes smuggled narcotics (tennis can) and military and home- made explosives hidden behindsteel blockants and segmented laptop battery.

Cross-Enhanced® Z Backscatter Multi-Energy technology combines the most effective elements of ultra-low dose multi-energy and backscatter X-ray technology for rapid, user-friendly automatic threat detection.
The TMPSYS M Series pinpoints hidden organic and composite explosives, drugs and contraband faster, more safely and more accurately than other dualview systems.


  • Customs and Border Crossings
  • VIP Screening
  • Military Bases
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Royal and Diplomatic Protection
  • Nuclear and Other Power Plants
  • High Security Events
  • Seaports
  • Federal Targets and Checkpoints
  • Postal and Receiving Facilities
  • Justice and Correctional


  • Innovative, powerful and correlated backscatter and multi-energy views are designed to catch terrorists and customs smugglers unaware. Cross-Enhanced® Z Backscatter Multi-Energy technology reveals military-grade, homemade, powdered and liquid explosives, IEDs, ceramic and composite weapons, diamonds, currency, banned organic material and the full range of narcotics.
  • The signature “light piped” Dual-Mode Photon Enhanced Detection™ is extremely fast and efficient.

Speed and Accuracy

  • From the tiniest bomb and weapon components to illegal drugs and other contraband, our Cross-Enhanced® Z imaging technology makes fast work of concealed items. RealClear® instantly displays clear images of potential threats buried in or masked by other dense objects.
  • Criminals can’t hide from the power of 160KV operating penetration and the highly advanced stripping and features that Cross-Enhanced® Z delivers.
  • The autoThreatAlert® feature uses atomic number (Z), density and backscatter physics to better reveal threat substances.
  • Unique autoSensing® assures the detection of the thinnest contraband trafficked. Weapons, drugs, bomb components and currency hidden in envelopes, magazines or slender parcels are automatically inspected thoroughly, quickly and easily.


  • Our user-friendly, ergonomic Operator Control Panel is easy to learn and use, and enables screeners to stop perpetrators positively and efficiently.


  • Each TMPSYS-BZM Series system operates from a single generator, computer, software set, LCD and HV power supply, considerably reducing lifetime costs of ownership, MTBR and maintenance over other dual view products.
  • Proven autoTracking® conveyor system never needs adjustment, which reduces operating costs and downtime.
  • AutoSensing® improves security and safety, and eliminates troublesome adjustments or footpads while further reducing costs.

Safety and Dose

  • The TMPSYS-BZM Series dramatically reduces the amount of radiation exposure for staff, visitors, the public and their private possessions. Our unique ultra-low exposure beam reduces exposure rates to less than 1/30th (3%) of other X-ray security scanners.
  • AutoSensing® provides built-in radiation suspension if the operator is distracted or steps away from the unit.
100Wx100H cm opening
40”x40”x Unlimited L
88Wx82H cm opening
35”x32.5” x Unlimited
62Wx42H cm opening
24.4”x16.5”x Unlimited L

At last, a better breed of backscatter

High resolution meets better penetration: the combination of 160KV operating penetration, Cross-Enhanced® Z Multi-Energy views, and Dual-Mode Enhanced Photon Detection™ penetrates deeper into parcels, and yields clearer and quicker “hits” of concealed explosives, narcotics, composite weapons and contraband.

Accuracy and clear color views: the innovative Cross-Enhanced® Z technology instantly strips background material and blockants. It automatically uncovers dangerous targets in sharp color that’s easy to spot and interpret, even in notorious smuggled contexts. The time and effort needed to compare views are eliminated by low and high Z cross-enhancements. Large LCD top and bottom windowing lessens operator distraction.

Keep your staff and visitors safer: our novel ultra-fine filtering design reduces exposure rates to less than onethirtieth (3%) of the radiation emitted by other X-ray scanners.

Lower operational, maintenance and lifetime costs: Unlike other dual-views, the TMPSYS-BZM Series operate with a single integrated generator, computer software, LCD and power supply, greatly reducing lifetime costs of ownership, MTBR and maintenance.

tmp-bzm06.jpgDetonator cord and organic explosive are revealed automatically, as are two powdered explosive sticks, in the lower, Cross-Enhanced® backscatter view, hidden behind dense blockants in the upper Multienergy view. Both views penetrate 25-30% better: the backscatter view due to more and better detectors, and better photon piping.

tmp-bzm07.jpgBox-cutter knife and grenade pop out in lower Cross Enhanced® Z Backscatter view behind heavy metal blockants noticed in the top Multi-energy view; the top view can also be set to circle the contraband as on the cover page images. Another dual-view scanner would surely miss or confuse these threats.


  • Cross-Enhanced® Z Backscatter Multi-Energy Dual Mode, Color Dual Views with organic and metallic stripping
  • RealClear®, autoTracking® and autoSensing®
  • autoDensalert® variable density identification for batteries or metallic threats
  • autoCatch® backscatter feature strips blockants
  • autoOutline® reveals hidden threats in Multi-Energy image
  • autoThreatAlert® immediately highlights organic threats
  • 160KV operating penetration (31mm, 1.2" of steel equivalency)
  • 25% better penetration in the color, backscatter views
  • Adjustable contrast, low density and stripping
  • Up to 64X rapid, dual-view, continuous Smart Zoom with variable zoom settings
  • Previous image, live.
  • High Density (virtually higher penetration); DensityScan
  • Reverse view, enhanced
  • Help Screens, Integrated Training Module and Diagnostics
  • Hour meter with automatic generator seasoning
  • Adjustable-height, ergonomic keyboard
  • Brushed aluminum features
  • Built-in folding conveyor extension and table for BZ-8880M with 31” passageway clearance
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