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SPARK-VISI Thermal Observation System


1475/visi1.jpgDesigned specifically for surveillance, the VISI thermal observation scope allows 24/7 use. It can be comfortably hand held, or mounted on a tripod, and enables the user to detect humans at almost 3 km and vehicles at up to 7 km.
VISI is available with thermal detectors of either 388x284 or 640x480 resolution and with a choice of optics giving either 3X or 5X optional magnification, horizontal angles of view of either 7 degrees (125 mils) or 12 degrees (210 mils) and detection ranges of up to 2760m (man) and 7000m (vehicle).
1475/visi2.jpgElectronic zoom for higher magnification is included as standard. Light enough to be hand held but rapidly attached with no tools to any tripod, VISI is operational within eight seconds from switch on. Simple, intuitive push button controls make it an extremely easy unit to use while offering the user a fully featured advanced surveillance tool, including video out & power in.
Large diameter eyepiece optics with very long eye relief make VISI extremely user friendly.
Affordable and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal choice for lawenforcement, border protection, public safety, search and rescue, fire fighting and security. VISI is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and requires only a UK export licence.
Technical Specifications

Thermal Image
Mid Format
Pitch 25μ
Pixels 388x284
Detector AmSi microbolometer
Spectral band 8-12μm
NETD 45 mK (25° F1)
High Definition
Pitch 17μ,
Pixels 640x480
Detector AmSi microbolometer
Spectral band 8-12μm
NETD 70 mK (25° F1)
Advanced OLED
852 x 600 pixels SVGA


Hard coated with anti reflective coatings
High quality germanium F1.0 objective lens
75mm or 45mm focal length
3X magnification (45mm lens models)
5X magnification (75mm lens models)
Horizontal field of view 75mm lens 7
125 Mils
45mm lens 12 Degrees,
210 Mils
Manual focus 5m to infinity
Fully coated eyepiece lens optics
Dioptre adjustment +3 to -3
Eyepiece lens glass diameter 31mm
Eye relief 45mm
Mid Format (MF)
Human               75mm lens    45mm
Detection:          1900m         1140m
Recognition:      950m           570m
Identification:     630m           380m
Vehicle (Land Rover size)
Detection:         4760m          2850m
Recognition      2380m         1425m
Identification    1580m          950m

High Definition (HD)

Human            75mm lens   45mm lens
Detection:       2760m            1650m
Recognition:  1380m            825m
Identification: 920m              550m
Vehicle (Land Rover size)
Detection:       7000m           4200m
Recognition   3500m           2100m
Identification  2300m           1400m
By single, simple, intuitive push buttons on right and left side of sight.
Left side
On/Off/NUC (additional NUC facility by remote pressure pad)
2X electronic zoom
Polarity inversion (Black/hot : White/hot)
Right side
Screen brightness


One piece high strength anodised black aluminium alloy body and lens
Quick release tripod mount.
Nitrogen purged.

 HD45 HD75
 Length mm 185 225
Width mm 76 85
  Height mm (inc Tripod
 85 94

Weight g
 480 1354
 HD 570 1550

Power Supply
4x “AA” type L91 Lithium 1.5v or 4x “AA” Alkaline 1.5v or 4x “AA” Rechargeable 1.2v

VISI Battery life

MF45 10 hours MF7510 hours
HD45 3.5 hours HD75 3.5 hours (with L91 type at 20°C)
External 6v power in by Milspec socket
Live PAL Composite Video out via same socket


Water resistance 20m for 1 hour.
Operating Temperature -40 to +60° C
All values are nominal
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