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SPARK-IR513 – Multi-functional Handheld Thermal Viewer


spark-ir513-01.jpgCombining infrared camera, GPS, laser range finder (with visual telescope integrated) and electronic compass, the multifunctional locating handheld infrared thermal viewer SPARK-IR513 enables target observation in sky, on land or sea in both days (visual light telescope) and nights (infrared camera), measurement of target distance, indication of target direction and location. The measuring results will be sent to command system via communication device by connecting it with preformed interface. It is suitable for both moveable and immovable application. With all these features, IR513 is ideal for police, suppressing smuggling, firefighting, law enforcement and costal surveillance.

spark-ir513-02.jpgFeatures and Benefits
  • No need illumination, works in total darkness and any bad visibility situation
  • Locates object accurately
  • Measures distance in high accuracy
  • Helps see object from far distance at day time
  • 100mm motorized lens enables long range detection and recognition
  • Search and rescue
  • Security monitoring
  • Law enforcement
  • Border security
  • Routine night-time patrol
spark-ir513-03.jpgTechnical specifications

Detector material UFPA mlcrobolometer
Spectral Range 8-14 u m
Pitch 25 μm x 25μm
Pixels 384x288
NETD ≤ 100mk@25°C


Lens 100mm/F1.11 Motorized lens
FOV 5.5° X4.120

Image Presentation

Video Output PAL
Frame Frequency 50Hz
Electronic Zoom X2
Adjust Auto/Manual brightness & contrast adjustment
Polarity B&W.B&W inverse
Display OLED viewfinder


GPS Position Precision <2.5m
Real-time Turn Over Rate 20Hz

Electronic Compass

Heading Range 0-3600
Inclination Range ±50°
Rolling Range ±180°

Laser Range

Detecting Range 50~5000m
Distance Precision <5m

Visual Telescope

Telescope X6


Command and Control RS232
Image Display RCA/BNC alternative

Power System

Power Supply 100-240VAC adaptor
Battery Operating Time >4hrs

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C (-40~+60°C optional)
Storage Temperature -40°C~+60°C
Encapsulation IP67,3m underwater

Physical Characteristics

Color Black
Weight 2.1kg
Size 238mm X 185mm X 115mm
Detection Range 1.7m people>2km,2.3 vehicle>3.0km
Recognition Range 1.7m people>1.5km,2.3 vehicle> 1.8km