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SPARK IR23X – Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera


spark-ir23x1.jpgIR23X serious thermal camera features high sensitivity HgCdTe cooled FPA detector, and it provides observation, target acquisition capabilities in various climatic and weather conditions. It has WFOV and NFOV by switching the lens, WFOV for wide scope search and NFOV for target details recognition. It can be applied to secure border with long range searching, detection, and ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders. Seeing through smoke, fog and total darkness, it makes any shadiness or illegality nowhere to hide.

Features and Benefits
  • 320×256 high performance cooled detector
  • Crisp thermal Image with high pixels
  • Different FOV Lens optional satisfied different applications
  • Intelligent software help to preset and analyze in the inspection area
  • Search and rescue
  • Perimeter security monitoring
  • Law enforcement
  • Coastal and border surveillance
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Forest fire prevention
spark-ir23x2.jpg spark-ir23x3.jpg
Technical specifications