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SPARK IR21X – Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera


spark-ir21x.jpgIR21X serious stationary thermal surveillance camera can penetrate through haze, smoke, rain, snow and total darkness from short to medium distance. Featuring advanced thermal image and video processing technology, it can be easily integrated into traditional daylight or lowlight CCTV systems, acting as security fence at dark night. It is used for mobile, pan-tilt-zoom and fixed mount scenarios, ideal for security, perimeter monitoring, nuclear security & force protection.

Features and Benefits
  • 384×288 high performance uncooled detector
  • Featuring various optional lens according different applications
  • Conveniently integrated into CCTV system and operation easily
  • Design for use in any harsh environment
  • Search and rescue
  • Perimeter security monitoring
  • Law enforcement
  • Coastal and border surveillance
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Forest fire prevention
Technical specifications

spark-ir21x2.jpgImaging Performance
Detector Type UFPA microbolometer Asi
Pixels 384×288
Pitch 25μm
Spectral Range 8-14μm
Frame Frequency 50Hz
NETD <100mk(@25°C F=1)


Focal Length 8mm/13mm/25mm/50mm /75mm/100mm/150mm
Focus Automatic
Electronic Zoom 2X,4X(Optional)

External Control

Control box Yes
Software control Yes


Azimuth Angle 0°~360°;0-10°/S
Pitching Angle -75°~75°;0-8°/S
Programmable search preset 80 points

spark-ir21x3.jpgVideo Output
Video Output PAL/NTSC(Optional)
Digital Interface Optional

Interface Control

External Control Interface RS232/RS422/RS485(Optional)
PC Control Software Yes

Power System
Power Supply DC 7-12V
Power Dissipation <4W

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C (-40°C~+60°C Optional)
Storage Temperature -40°C~+60°C

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.